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Eighth full-length release for Demi Lovato

Features guest appearances from Dead Sara, Royal & the Serpent and YUNGBLUD

"Holy Fvck is as a good surprise and an even better record — maybe the best we've heard from Lovato to date." — Variety

Demi Lovato's music, as she's grown older, has morphed into a palate of smoky soul and glossy R&B, driven by her powerfully emotive voice and increasingly contentious lyrics inspired by the complications of her psyche, the mire of mental health, a messed-up childhood and the algebra of need that is addiction. Lovato's had her bruises, and it always pretty much shows in her music, writes Variety about her 2022 release Holy Fvck.

That she actually went ahead and amped up the crunchy guitars and industrialized rhythms, added a patina of crustiness to her usually clarion-clear vocals and went for the emo-rocking entirety of Holy Fvck actually does manage to surprise a bit: How many pop artists announce they're going to take that severe a turn and then actually do it?

There is genuine ire and outrage to be found throughout Holy Fvck, including a title that may keep the physical versions out of some family-friendly stores, no matter what font subterfuge she uses. (Wal-Mart has it available via mail only.) There's enough spikiness in its overall production and songwriting (principally by Lovato, Warren "Oak" Felder, Alex Niceforo and Keith "Ten4" Sorrells) to shred your fishnets. But more than anything, it's the realities of a hard row to hoe that makes this record rough and rude — even if it's closer to melodic Avril Lavigne punk-pop with a pile-driving Travis Barker than, say, the more deeply dark hues of a Trent Reznor.

"Trying to master the art of detaching," as she claims on "Substance," Lovato's cocky but highly melodious vocals are buoyed by rabid, rapid-firing guitars, sprite, puckish rhythms and a killer chorus. That same vibe — a blink-and-you-miss-its Blink 182 punch — easily applies to "Skin of My Teeth," "Come Together" and the high-pitched, tartly sexualized "City of Angels."

The only thing irksome about Lovato's big-sounding brand of bugged-out, mean power-pop is that she really wants you to know she's gone bad, and is really mad about the whole process. From the crucifix and bondage of the album's cover art to its omnipresent burnt-Kohl vibe to her repeated self-referencing of being "ungodly but heaven-sent," this even darker Demi is determined not to let anyone forget for a moment that she's been changed by her life's complicated circumstances, and that going punk is her best refuge.

Side A
1. Freak - featuring Yungblud
2. Skin of My Teeth
3. Substance
4. Eat Me - featuring Royal & the Serpent
5. Holy Fvck
6. 29
7. Happy Ending
8. Heaven

Side B
1. City of Angels
2. Bones
3. Wasted
4. Come Together
5. Dead Friends
6. Help Me - featuring Dead Sara
7. Feed
8. 4 Ever 4 Me

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