Sparks - The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman


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Vinyl Record

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Double LP

Includes special 20-page booklet, plus exclusive liner notes by Ron Mael

5/5 Stars — The Independent and Record Collector

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2009 album from the Mael brothers. The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman is just over 60 minutes of wonderfully original music that tells a fantasy "what if" story. Though his films' themes have traditionally centered on matters of death, faith, God's existence, and the struggle to find love and meaning in our lives, Bergman is confronted in the musical by the lure of a mythological Hollywood seemingly at odds with all he stands for — a Hollywood that tempts him and ultimately tries to control him.

What starts as an exploration by Bergman of the possible mutual benefits of his working in Hollywood turns into a Kafkaesque nightmare, a nightmare ended with the aid of a most unlikely saviour. 24 tracks.

Side A
1. 1956 Cannes Film Festival
2. "I Am Ingmar Bergman"
3. Limo Driver (Welcome to Hollywood)
4. "Here He Is Now"
5. "Mr. Bergman, How Are You?"
6. "He'll Come 'Round"

Side B
1. En Route to the Beverly Hills Hotel
2. Hollywood Welcoming Committee
3. "I've Got to Contact Sweden"
4. The Studio Commissary
5. "I Must Not Be Hasty"
6. "Quiet On the Set"
7. "Why Do You Take That Tone With Me?"

Side C
1. Pleasant Hotel Staff
2. Hollywood Tour Bus
3. Autograph Hounds
4. Bergman Ponders Escape
5. "We've Got to Turn Him 'Round"

Side D
1. Escape (Part 1)
2. Escape (Part 2)
3. "Oh My God"
4. Garbo Sings
5. Almost a Hollywood Ending
6. "He's Home"

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