Cassandra Jenkins - (An Overview On) An Overview On Phenomenal Nature

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A new album with alternate versions, outtakes and a new song!

Cassandra Jenkins' An Overview on Phenomenal Nature emerged from the blue earlier this year. With pandemic unknowns and political upheaval leaving most at frayed ends, the New York-born musician's assuring voice and expansive fresh take on songwriting created a much needed reflective space for listeners worldwide. As 2021 comes to a close, Jenkins revisits those flowing textures and refrains with (An Overview On) An Overview On Phenomenal Nature, a collection of previously unreleased sonic sketches, initial run-throughs, demos, and sound recordings from the cutting room floor that provided the scaffolding for what became one of this year's most critically acclaimed albums.


Side A
1. Michelangelo (Demo)
2. New Bikini (First Take)
3. Crosshairs (Interlude)

Side B
1. Ms. Cassandra
2. American Spirits
3. Hailey (Premix)
4. Ambiguous Norway (Instrumental)
5. Hard Drive (Security Guard)

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