Bob James - Feel Like Making LIVE!

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP


Feel Like Making LIVE! (Limited Edition on double LP)

The Bob James Trio performs "Feel Like Making Love/Night Crawler," a gem lifted from James's back pages. His mellow instrumental reading of Roberta Flack's hit. "Feel Like Making Love," appeared on his first CTI album, and helped to launch the pianist's solo career in 1974. Produced by evosound, it's filmed in splendid 4K and recorded in hi-res audio.

Featuring Bob James (Keys), Billy Kilson (Drums) and Michael Palazzolo (Bass)

This New Jazz Trio live-studio recording audio product will be released by evosound on Friday, Jan. 28, 2022 and will be available through Acoustic Sounds in both limited edition 180-gram numbered orange double vinyl LP, and limited edition 180-gram double LP on black vinyl. A SACD version is also available.

The live in-the-studio recording was stylishly filmed in 4K and recorded in high resolution audio.


Side A
1. Angela
2. Rocket Man
3. Maputo
4. Topside

Side B
1. Misty
2. Avalabop
3. Nautilus
4. Downtown

Side C
1. Niles a Head
2. Feel Like Making Love/Night Crawler
3. Submarine

Side D
1. Mister Magic
2. Nardis
3. Westchester Lady

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