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Greatest hits from Dr. Feelgood on double LP!

Singles - The U.A. Years+ is an encyclopedia of Dr Feelgood's greatest moments that saw the band's biggest commercial successes but also some of their most influential moments.

Dr. Feelgood are a British pub rock band formed in 1971. Hailing from Canvey Island, Essex, the group are best known for early singles such as "She Does It Right," "Roxette" and "Back In The Night." The group's original distinctively British R&B sound was centered on Wilko Johnson's choppy guitar style. Along with Johnson, the original band line-up included singer Lee Brilleaux and the rhythm section of John B. Sparks, known as "Sparko," on bass guitar and John Martin, known as "The Big Figure," on drums.


Side A
1. Roxette
2. She Does It Right
3. Back in the Night - By Dr. Feelgood
4. Going Back Home - By Dr. Feelgood
5. Riot in Cell Block Number Nine
6. Sneakin' Suspicion

Side B
1. She's a Wind Up
2. Baby Jane
3. Down at the Doctors
4. Milk and Alcohol - By Dr. Feelgood
5. As Long as the Price Is Right
6. Put Him out of Your Mind

Side C
1. Hong Kong Money
2. No Mo Do Yakamo
3. Jumping from Love to Love
4. Violent Love
5. Waiting for Saturday Night
6. Monkey
7. Trying To Live My Life Without You

Side D
1. Crazy About Girls
2. My Way
3. Mad Man Blues
4. Don't Wait Up - By Dr. Feelgood
5. See You Later Alligator
6. Hunting Shooting Fishing
7. Milk and Alcohol (New Recipe)

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