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“Solo piano is lonely,” says Chick Corea, though the legendary pianist is in good company throughout the solo performances captured on this captivating new double album. On Plays, Corea engages with several of his favourite composers, representing a wide swath of musical history – as well as with enthusiastic audiences in concert halls across Europe and the U.S., who become integral collaborators in these spirited renditions.

While Corea’s solo explorations are as exploratory and inventive as ever, the tone on Plays is decidedly communal. That comes from the jazz great’s warm and witty dialogues with his audience, but also from the way he makes connections with the iconic composers whose work he celebrates. He also places these composers in conversation with one another, pairing favourite pieces in such a way that surprising commonalities are revealed that bridge styles, genres and eras from Mozart to the moment at hand.

“I’m part of a lineage. The thing that I do is similar to what Monk did, to what Bill Evans and Duke Ellington did, and moving back into another era of music, what Bach and Mozart and Beethoven did. These were all pianists who were composers at heart, who gathered their own musicians together to play. I feel so proud to be a part of that tradition.”
- Chick Corea

Chick Talks Mozart and Gershwin (Live in Clearwater / 2018)
Mozart: Piano Sonata in F, KV332 (2nd Part - Adagio) (Live in Clearwater / 2018)
Someone To Watch Over Me (Live in Clearwater / 2018)
Improvisation on Scarlatti (Live in Paris / 2018)
Scarlatti: Sonata in D minor K9, L413 Allegro (Live in Paris / 2018)
Yesterdays (Live in Paris / 2018)
Chick Talks Bill Evans and Antonio Jobim (Live in Berlin / 2018)
Waltz For Debby (Live in Berlin / 2018)
Desafinado (Live in Berlin / 2018)
Chopin: Prelude Op. 28 #4 (Live in Paris / 2018)
Scriabin: Prelude Op. 11 (Part 1) #4 (Live in Paris / 2018)
Chick Talks Monk (Live in Berlin / 2018)
Pannonica (Live in Berlin / 2018)
Trinkle Tinkle (Live in Berlin / 2018)
Blue Monk (Live in Berlin / 2018)
Pastime Paradise (Live in Clearwater / 2018)
Chick Talks Paco (Live in Clearwater / 2018)
The Yellow Nimbus (Live in Paris / 2018)
Chick Talks Portraits (Live in Paris / 2018)
Portrait: Henrietta (Live in Paris / 2018)
Portrait: Chris (Live in Paris / 2018)
Chick Talks Duets (Live in Paris / 2018)
Duet: Yaron (Live in Paris / 2018)
Duet: Charles (Live in Paris / 2018)
Chick Talks Children's Songs (Live in Paris / 2018)
Children's Song No. 1 (Live in Paris / 2018)
Children's Song No. 3 (Live in Paris / 2018)
Children's Song No. 4 (Live in Paris / 2018)
Children's Song No. 9 (Live in Paris / 2018)
Children's Song No. 10 (Live in Paris / 2018)
Children's Song No. 15 (Live in Paris / 2018)
Children's Song No. 17 (Live in Paris / 2018)
Children's Song No. 12 (Live in Paris / 2018)

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