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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Hybrid Multichannel SACD


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Perhaps Clapton’s best-known and best-loved record. This one never lulls from start to finish with familiar favorites like "Cocaine," "Wonderful Tonight," "Lay Down Sally," "Next Time You See Her" and "Mean Old Frisco." Everyone needs at least one copy of this classic.

1. Cocaine
2. Wonderful Tonight
3. Lay Down Sally
4. Next Time You See Her
5. We’re All The Way
6. The Core
7. May You Never
8. Mean Old Frisco
9. Peaches And Diesel

Customer Reviews (4.42 Stars) 12 person(s) rated this product.

Turn it up!

posted on 09/03/2018
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mathew Lauren
I bought this 5.1 SACD many years ago, but held off opening it until recently, mostly b/c of the bad reviews concerning non-Elliot-Scheiner-remixed, Clapton 5.1’s. Wow, was I (happily) surprised. Glyn Johns turned in a fine, if not at times subtle, 5.1 mix, imho. Johns uses the surrounds, as needs be (compare Trk#1 or #7 with Trk#6, #8 or #9). Regardless, “Crank it up!” There’s plenty of discrete, surround-channel action and such a low noise-floor, this SACD doesn’t begin to get rocking UNTIL it’s at 30/100 dB. Mastered pretty flat, definitely dial in your dynamic, preset preferences. I was heartily surprised with how well this 5.1 SACD “Slowhand” ‘fits in’ with my Grammy-winning (2011), dts 5.1, Audio-DVD of “LAYLA...” and my 5.1 Blu-ray Disc of “461 Ocean Blvd” — both from modern, surround-sound godfather and guru: Elliot Scheiner. You won’t regret this purchase, especially at this price!

poor sound quality for SACD

posted on 02/14/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Kurtis
I will have to agree with some of the other reviewers, the quality of the SACD mix is not even on par with many of my redbook cd's and certainly nothing like the groove note or blue coast sacd mixes. Great album, but I guess nobody in the sacd world really cares to put out any great classic rock mixes, just great jazz or classical. Too bad....

Eric still has a buzz on!

posted on 07/14/2010
3 Stars
I don't know if I got a bad disc or what, maybe others can tell me. This is the only copy of "Slowhand" I own, so I don't know if it's in all of them or not. BUT, there is some pretty nasty buzzing in Eric's vocals in my recording. The guitars and rest of the instrumentation is fine, but the vocals, ZZZZ...

I tried it on 3 different 5.1 systems, just as bad on all, and my top system is about a $30K setup.

Great EC

posted on 01/29/2008
4 Stars
I have always enjoyed EC's more low key side and Slowhand really brought this part of EC's music to my attention. Wonderful to listen to, a very fine guitar album.

Clean, Clear&Crisp

posted on 11/28/2006
5 Stars
Reviewer: RussT
This SACD delivers a wonderful presence to the room. The vocals are clear and full. You can hear strings vibrating air and Clptons inflections. A must gotta have.


posted on 06/23/2005
5 Stars
Reviewer: James McPherson
Sound great, if you are a Clapton fan buy it you will love it!

Great material, mediocre mix

posted on 04/24/2005
4 Stars
Slowhand is a definite Clapton classic, however Glyn John's 5.1 mix shows very little creativity. Glyn Johns being the original engineer and producer may have wanted to preserve his original mix but heck that's what the stereo mix is for. As for the overall sound it has very sterile 70's sound with little depth. While the recording was made in 70's I have a number of SACD's from the 70's that sound much better than there vinyl and of course conventional CD's.

this record is so good

posted on 03/19/2005
5 Stars
exelent this is very good sound ,reserve five stars

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