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Born in Corsicana, Texas in the early-1970s, Bobby Sparks II didn't have far to look for musical inspiration, from his mother a gospel pianist and father a jazz trumpeter. With the influence of soul, funk, jazz and R&B legends ringing in his ears, Sparks embarked on a career as a producer and performer, later becoming the sideman for the likes of Prince, Nelly Furtado, George Benson and Lauryn Hill.

Now, the virtuoso keyboardist has undertaken a more ambitious project, bringing together a tour de force of live musicians to create his own crowning achievement, Schizophrenia — The Yang Project. A kick-ass mix of funk, jazz and fusion, Sparks' "secret weapon" was Dusseldorf native Simon Novsky, who melded rich orchestral string arrangements to complement the album's stunning array of live musicianship.

"It's me being a smart alec. I have another record called the Yin record, which is more for people in the United States that are into pop or R&B culture," Sparks says. "The Yang Project is a more unorthodox way of making music."

Side 1
1. Birth Of The Sparkchild
2. Schizophrenia
3. We Play What We Want
4. Bobby Sparks St.’s Famous Chili
5. The Comanche Are Coming

Side 2
1. A Girl From Tahiti (Interlude)
2. So Fine
3. I Miss You
4. Black Man Running From The Police
5. Stono River

Side 3
1. Lio Is Weird As Hell
2. All Mine
3. Let’s Take A Journey
4. Can We Make Love
5. Too Late Now, Boss Man
6. Islan (Hadjdj From India)

Side 4
1. Take It!
2. Zelin
3. Black Change

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