John Hiatt - Only The Songs Survive

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15LP box set + 48-page book — the definitive collection of John Hiatt's music!

Eleven albums spread across 16 LPs, all pressed on 180-gram vinyl!

Includes four records on vinyl for the first time: Crossing Muddy Waters, The Tiki Bar Is Open, Beneath This Gruff Exterior, and Master Of Disaster

Leatherette briefcase complete with buckle, handle and gold foil stamping holds the records, book

48-page book features rare photos, liner from Ry Cooder, Steve Earle, Rodney Crowell, Patterson Hood, Sonny Landreth, James McMurty, Luther Dickinson, David Immerglück and more

"It's amazing. Twenty years. We packed a lot in, musically speaking," John Hiatt says.

Hiatt reflects on his career over the last two decades as he prepares to celebrate the release of Only the Song Survives, a massive vinyl box set that honors his career from 2000's Crossing Muddy Waters through 2018's The Eclipse Sessions — 11 albums in total. "That means I started out with the records in this box set when I was about 47 years old," Hiatt tells The Boot with a chuckle in his voice, somewhat shocked at what he just said.

"I was still in my 40s, for goodness sake," he adds. "I was a child, just a kid trying to make a buck."

Only the Song Survives highlights Hiatt's tenacious work ethic. "I was busy," he admits. "I was busy, and I really got going in 2000." Each of the box set's records (listed below) is pressed on high-quality, 180-gram wax, and they're all housed in a gorgeous leatherette briefcase, complete with gold stamping, buckle and handle.

"I was completely kept in the dark. My manager, Ken Levitan, and the folks at New West Records put it together," Hiatt says of the curation and creation of Only the Song Survives. "It's really flattering. I'm excited to see it. Hell, I might buy one!"

New West is not only involved with the release of the box set, but they, too, are being celebrated, as all but two of the set's LPs were originally released on the label; in fact, the relationship Hiatt has with New West Records is the longest he's had with any record label. On top of that, four of the albums in the set have never been pressed on vinyl, making this release much more than a greatest hits collection: Only the Song Survives is the definitive collection of Hiatt's career over the last 20 years, 11 LPs spread out over 15 vinyl discs.

"Isn't that great?" Hiatt says when he thinks about listening to Crossing Muddy Waters, The Tiki Bar Is Open, Beneath This Gruff Exterior and Master of Disaster on vinyl, all for the first time. "I've got a turntable and a pair of powered speakers. It's nothing fancy, but it feels great to plunk that needle down ... It's going to be great to hear some of these records on that turntable."





Records Included
Crossing Muddy Waters (2000)
The Tiki Bar Is Open (2001)
Beneath This Gruff Exterior (2003)
Master Of Disaster (2005)
Live From Austin TX (2005)
Same Old Man (2008)
The Open Road (2010)
Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns (2011)
Mystic Pinball (2012)
Terms of My Surrender (2014)
The Eclipse Sessions (2018)

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Not so great

posted on 12/12/2019
2 Stars
Reviewer: S.Williams
Don’t be fooled. This is definitely NOT the “definitive” collection of John Hiatt’s albums. If you carefully read the description, it states that “It’s the definitive collection of his albums “ON NEW WEST RECORDS”, not the definitive collection of ALL of his albums! Missing stellar albums include “Bring the Family”, “Stolen Moments”, “Slow Turning”, “Perfectly Good Guitar” “Hiatt Comes Alive at Budokan”, “Riding with the King”, “Walk On” and “Y’all Caught?”. Personally, as I consider myself THE definitive John Hiatt fan, I would rather if I had to choose, own just one of any of these albums, rather than have the box set and NOT have any of the other albums! Final thoughts: Do we REALLY need or even want the “portable vinyl suitcase”?? I thought that all suitcases were portable, but hey, you will look snazzy when you show up to the next slumber party lugging it....

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