Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

 (Translucent Turquoise Vinyl)


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Translucent turquoise vinyl

Edition limited to 1,000 copies worldwide

Maggot Brain, from 1971, is Funkadelic's all-out masterpiece. Absolutely no one working in soul and funk at the time had the scope, vision and, let's be honest, sheer lunacy to pull off the kind of record that George Clinton and his collaborators have made here. Eccentric funk jams are bookended by two of the heaviest tracks ("Maggot Brain" and "Wars Of Armageddon") ever committed to tape. The title track and album opener is nothing short of mind-blowing. An essential classic and the deepest album to come out of the Parliament-Funkadelic camp.

Side 1
1. Maggot Brain
2. Can You Get to That
3. Hit It and Quit It
4. You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks

Side 2
1. Super Stupid
2. Back in Our Minds
3. Wars of Armageddon

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