The Black Crowes - Lost Crowes

 (LP 1: Green/Orange Swirl Colored Vinyl, LP 2: Arctic Swirl Colored Vinyl, LP 3: Splatter Colored Vinyl)


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Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 3

Lost Crowes — Black Crowes compilation now on colored vinyl!

LP1: Green/Orange Swirl; LP2: Arctic Swirl; LP3: Splatter colored vinyl

Twice The Black Crowes have recorded albums that were never officially released: Tall in 1993 and Band in 1997. While a few songs from these lost albums were re-recorded and released on studio albums, many have emerged only through the band's legendary live shows.

The Black Crowes in 2006 went into their vault, collecting the best moments from those abandoned sessions for a special treat for their longtime fans. Titled The Lost Crowes, the two CD set contained unreleased music that was  remixed for its public debut on the Rhino label. Now the collection is available as a three LP set on colored vinyl.

In fall 1993 vocalist Chris Robinson, guitarists Rich Robinson and Marc Ford, drummer Steve Gorman, bassist Johnny Colt, and keyboardist Ed Harsch recorded more than 30 songs at Conway Studios in Los Angeles. Working on the follow-up to Southern Harmony And Musical Companion, the band descended into an emotional, startlingly heavy creative patch that became a stepping-stone to the 1994 album, Amorica.

Named after an old jazz term for getting high, the Tall sessions contain a total of 16 unreleased tracks that offer an unflinching glimpse into rough and beautiful music born from turmoil and tension. The Lost Crowes includes early versions of seven Amorica songs such as "A Conspiracy," "Descending," "Wiser Time" and "Cursed Diamond."

The collection also features the undiscovered classics "Tied Up And Swallowed," "Feathers," "Thunderstorm 654" and "Lowdown," a sad lost anthem that became "Ballad In Urgency."

Four years later, the band came off the road after headlining the Furthur Festival and went into a Nashville studio to record songs for a planned follow-up to 1996's acclaimed Three Snakes & One Charm. Where Tall thrives on the mayhem of their young Los Angeles days, Band confidently probes some of The Black Crowes' most mature, thoughtful work.

The Band sessions contain 10 songs including a different version of the B-side "Peace Anyway," plus "If It Ever Stops Raining," a song that would become the title track to the 1999 album "By Your Side." The compilation also spotlights the taut riff rock of "Paint An 8," the windblown ache of "Wyoming & Me" along with the freaky-longhaired-Mother Earth grooves of "Another Roadside Tragedy," "Grinnin" and "Life Vest."

Paul Stacey has remixed all of the music on "The Lost Crowes," which also includes liner notes spotlighting the stories behind these legendary lost sessions as told by the Robinsons.


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