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The Absolute Sound 2007 Editors' Choice Award The Absolute Sound - 2008 Editors' Choice Awards

Clearaudio's new Double Matrix Professional record cleaner is a substantial improvement over the original Double Matrix (The Absolute Sound's Accessory of the Year in 2007 at $4,400) and retails for only $4,000. The Double Matrix Professional uses a new rigid and damped aluminum cabinet, significantly reducing ambient noise during operation of the powerful vacuum system. Improved wash/vacuum applicator arms with automatic fluid injection clean both sides of the record simultaneously without any contact to a platter and safely protecting the label. Bi-directional rotation and new, continuously adjustable rotation speed control provide the most effective and efficient cleaning of the record grooves. Integrated anti-static brushes discharge any static charge of the vinyl, producing blacker backgrounds and minimizing dust attraction. Built at the Clearaudio factory in Germany, the Double Matrix Professional is the best and most efficient record cleaning machine for the vinyl enthusiast.

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The best machine I have owned.

posted on 04/24/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mike A
The Clearaudio Double Matrix record cleaning machine, does a great job cleaning records, and cleans both sides at the same time making vinyl more enjoyable then ever to listen to. Its not cheap but is well worth it, and the build quality is second to none. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!.

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