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This jacket has a promo-cut corner. "When What Goes Around Comes Around was released in late 1979, Waylon Jennings was riding a hot streak of seven number one albums in a row. This didn't reach the top spot only because it was shut out by the phenomenal crossover success of Kenny Rogers' Kenny, so it sat at number two for 14 weeks — so, even if it didn't really reach the top of the charts, it came close enough to count. The generally accepted conventional wisdom about Jennings' late-'70s/early-'80s records is that they pale in comparison to his early-'70s records, which is true on the surface but does albums like What Goes Around a disservice. Yes, the neon-and-laser studded cover of this record is ridiculous, but the music isn't splashy and the album, as a whole, is more cohesive than I've Always Been Crazy, even if it isn't as weighty as Ol' Waylon." — All Music Guide 

1. I Ain't Living Long Like This
2. What Goes Around
3. Another Man's Fool
4. I Got The Train Sittin' Waitin'
5. It's The World's Gone Crazy (Cotillion)
6. Ivory Tower
7. Out Among The Stars
8. Come With Me
9. If You See Her
10. Old Love, New Eyes

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The Waylon we all Loved!!

posted on 04/07/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Charles
Hands down, this is one of his Best! I wish he was still with us. My wife and I saw him one of the many times in Montery, Ca. It was Jessie birthday and Waylon had a plane fly over the concert, wishing her Happy Birthday. I think it was 1981.

waylon fan always

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