The Allman Brothers Band - Bear’s Sonic Journals: Fillmore East, February 11, 13, 14, 1970


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These Sonic Journals comprise the complete source material for the compilation Allman Brothers Band, Fillmore East February 1970, which included performances from February 11, 13, & 14, 1970.  These recordings were not previously released in their entirety because they contain significant flaws, primarily due to reel changes in the middle of songs. It was Bear’s wish that they be released in whole because they are sonically pure and include important, previously unreleased material of the band with Duane in his prime, and so with the blessing of the Allman Brothers Band, they are available here for the first time. On each night, you can find something special and rare -- even if only in a fragment or a solo. Highlights include the three earliest known live versions of Elizabeth Reed.

Allman Brothers Reel Index

February 11, 1970
1. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (11:58)
2. Statesboro Blues  (4:17)
3. Trouble No More (4:42)
4. Hoochie Coochie Man (4:35)
5. Mountain Jam (18:49, reel-change gap)

February 13, 1970
1. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (7:50)
2. Outskirts of Town (7:48, end cut)
3. Mountain Jam (18:29, start cut)

February 14, 1970
1. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (9:26)
2. Hoochie Coochie Man (5:08)
3. Outskirts of Town (7:57, reel-change gap)
4. Whipping Post (8:11)
5. Mountain Jam (35:01, reel-change gap)

About the Owsley Stanley Foundation:
The Owsley Stanley Foundation is a 501c(3) dedicated to the preservation of “Bear’s Sonic Journals,” Owsley’s archive of more than 1,300 live concert soundboard recordings from the 1960s and 1970s, including recordings by Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, and more than 80 other artists across nearly every musical idiom. All proceeds to the Foundation from the development of the recordings further the continuing charitable purpose of preserving Bear’s Sonic Journals and perpetuating Owsley's legacy.

Disc 1 - February 11, 1970
1 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (11:58)
2 Statesboro Blues (4:17)
3 Trouble No More (4:42)
4 Hoochie Coochie Man (4:35)
5 Mountain Jam (18:49, reel-change gap)
Disc 2 - February 13, 1970
6 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (7:50)
7 Outskirts of Town (7:48, end cut)
8 Mountain Jam (18:29, start cut)
Disc 3 - February 14, 1970
9 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (9:26)
10 Hoochie Coochie Man (5:08)
11 Outskirts of Town (7:57, reel-change gap)
12 Whipping Post (8:11)
13 Mountain Jam (35:01, reel-change gap)

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