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Debut is the first international solo studio album by Icelandic recording artist Björk. The album was originally released in July 1993 on One Little Indian and Elektra Records, and was produced by Björk in collaboration with artist Nellee Hooper. Her first recording following the dissolution of her previous band the Sugarcubes, the album departed from the rock-oriented style of her previous work and instead drew on an eclectic variety of styles across electronic pop, house music, jazz and trip hop.

1. Human Behaviour
2. Crying
3. Venus As A Boy
4. There's More To Life Than This (Recorded Live At The Milk Bar Toilets)
5. Like Someone In Love
6. Big Time Sensuality
7. One Day
8. Aeroplane
9. Come To Me
10. Violently Happy
11. The Anchor Song

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Love This Album and Bjork, except for.....

posted on 04/26/2021
4 Stars
Reviewer: Frank Grimaldi
As far as the sound of the vinyl recording, it is really good. The album is even better on vinyl than CD. It is a masterpiece.

However, I am displeased that the manufacturer did not put a sticker on on the packaging stating that the sleeve opened from the top. I kept trying to open the album from the side which caused tears at the side of the beautiful photo. I take good care of my record collection in the event that I may have to sell it one day, should I have to live in smaller space. I got half way through trying to open the side of the album when I realized it opens form the top. I hope that Acoustic Sounds posts this review. So that other purchasers will know the slit is at top of the cover, not the side.

As far a Acoustic Sounds delivery and mail packaging, it was great. No complaints.

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