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A topical record for its time

Warner Bros. Records will release remastered versions of six classic Steve Earle albums in September 2017.

"Earle rushed The Revolution Starts ... Now to stores ahead of the 2004 presidential election, and given that timing and the songwriter's righteous lefty stance, the disc's topical content should surprise exactly no one. Even still, it's light on invective, allowing Earle's deftly drawn characters to make his points for him. Plainspoken people swept up by larger events, they include the truck-driving protagonist of rig-rocker 'Home to Houston,' who dodges rockets while running supplies in Iraq, the disaffected vet in 'The Gringo's Tale,' and the American soldiers and Palestinian boys whose lives run parallel in 'Rich Man's War.'

"At times, Earle is less artful, and the going gets patchy: the title cut is a guitars-blazing call to arms, but 'Warrior' (a ponderous spoken-word piece that apes Shakespeare), 'F the CC' (a ragged denunciation of culture cops), and 'Condi, Condi' (a faux-reggae mash note to Condoleezza Rice) don't hold up as well. Interestingly, the less-pointed material finds the cantankerous crusader at his best, as on the aching Emmylou Harris duet 'Comin' Around,' a late-night barroom blues called 'I Thought You Should Know,' and the hopeful closer 'The Seeker.' There, Earle slips in one last, subtle message: 'There's a new day tomorrow and maybe I'll hold, something brighter than gold to a seeker.'" —

Side 1
The Revolution Starts...
Home to Houston
Rich Man's War
The Gringo's Tale

Side 2
Condi, Condi
F the CC
Comin' Around
I Thought You Should Know
The Seeker
The Revolution Starts Now

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