Robert Palmer - Clues


Robert Palmer - Clues


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AISL 9595

Vinyl LP with Damaged Cover

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“After recording a series of albums that established him as a pop-minded interpreter of soul styles, Robert Palmer surprised fans in 1980 with the stylistic about-face of Clues. On this album, he brought his sound into the new wave era by playing up the rock edge to his music, stripping the high-production gloss from his sound, and incorporating synthesizers into the arrangements. The end result became a big hit in the U.K. and paved the way for later international successes like Riptide and Heavy Nova. Clues also produced two notable singles in “Looking for Clues,” a clever slice of new wave pop that surprises the listener with an unexpected xylophone solo, and “Johnny and Mary,” a moody synth-driven ballad with perceptive lyrics about a doomed romantic relationship.” — All Music Guide

1. Looking for Clues
2. Sulky Girl
3. Johnny and Mary
4. What Do You Care
5. I Dream of Wires
6. Woke Up Laughing
7. Not a Second Time
8. Found You Now

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