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Includes hit singles "Fall on Me," "Superman," and "Begin the Begin"

Athens, Georgia, band R.E.M. were one of the most influential bands in the formation of alternative rock and indie, and became one of the biggest rock groups in the world in the early 1990s. This 1986 release, the band's fourth full-length LP, is in the eyes of several reviewers, the quartet's finest over a career that's spanned three decades.

After the moody and mysterious Fables of the Reconstruction, R.E.M. teamed up with producer Don Gehman to make the hardest- rocking album of their career to date. Michael Stipe's vocals were pushed to the front of the mix and Peter Buck’s jangle was punched up to a guitar roar on songs such as "Begin the Begin" and "These Days" and given an extra snarl for "Cuyahoga," "Hyena" and "I Believe." The single, "Fall On Me," showcased a haunting, dizzying melody, while "Swan Swan H" played like a forlorn British folk song from centuries past. The album solidified the band's college-radio base and set them in motion to become one of the '80s biggest groups.

Side 1
Begin The Begin
Just A Touch
I Believe
These Days
The Flowers Of Guatemala
What If We Give It Away?
Fall On Me
Swan Swan H

Side 2
I Found It. Miles Stanish Proud
She Will Make A Beautiful Fossil
My Throat Hurts
I Can
Flora Amanita: Indigenous to Meso-Amer. Flora
A Dying River. This Is Where We Walked. Swam. Hunted. Danced. Sang.
A Mighty Big Word
Bury Magnents. Swallow The Rapture.
What Noisy Cats Are We

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