Vitaly Gnutov - Balalaika Favorites

Sold out for years, and now available once again!

Vinyl lovers can lament about how difficult it can be to dig up audio treasures and enhance them to make them fresh and new. A good mastertape and precise cutting is of prime importance. But a collector's heart will also miss a beat when taking a look at the original cover. Record dealers know this only too well and demand a high price for rare original recordings, as though they were dealing in gold.

The rarer the recording, the more expensive it comes. In order to close the gap between the demand for coveted LPs and the potential for speculation with such productions, Speaker's Corner is reissuing a number of first-class recordings by Mercury and Decca. All the titles appeared in its catalog but were sold out years ago.

Romantic Russian melodies are conjured up on their instruments by excellent balalaika players in the recording Balalaika Favourites - this is a recording which has achieved cult status and it is hard to find a better choice of music or performance (Mercury SR 90310).

Featuring Rudolf Belov, Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra, Vitaly Gnutov

First recordings ever made in the Soviet Union by American musical and technical staff and equipment. Recorded by Mercury on location in Moscow.


1. Fantasy on Two Folk Songs for balalaika ensemble
2. At Sunrise
3. Linden Tree, The, for balalaika ensemble
4. Kamarinskaya (folk song arrangement)
5. Fantasy on Volga Melodies, for balalaika ensemble
6. In the Moonlight for balalaika ensemble
7. Midnight in Moscow for chorus
8. Under the Apple Tree for balalaika ensemble
9. Works, Dance of the Comedians, arr for balalaikas
10. The Living Room for balalaika ensemble
11. The Evening Bells
12. My Dear Old Friend, Please Visit Me
13. Waltz of the Faun for balalaika ensemble
14. Tale of Tsar Saltan, Flight of the Bumble-Bee

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