The Decemberists - Florasongs

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10 inch Vinyl Record


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10" EP

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Florasongs is a five-track collection of unreleased tracks from the sessions that produced The Decemberists' acclaimed seventh studio album, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World, which came out in January 2015.

"Nineteen songs were recorded for WATW,WABW, each one of them a contender. Since there are very few records in existence that merit a 19-plus song tracklist (e.g. Tusk, Zen Arcade, and nope, thats it), we mercifully whittled it down to 14 tracks.

"Where did the other five songs go? Well, since you asked, you might as well know they've been neatly slotted on to a 10" EP called Florasongs (a reference to that woody sanctuary that is Tucker Martines Portland studio)."

Side 1
1. Why Would I Now?
2. Riverswim

Side 2
1. Fits & Starts
2. The Harrowed and the Haunted
3. Stateside

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