Bootsy Collins - Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby!


Rhino/Warner Bros.



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FLAC 96kHz/24bit Download

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Bassist for James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic, Bootsy's solo career has been a George Clinton produced extension of the P-Funk philosophy, with Collins portraying the role of "Starchild, Player of the Year." Collins' vocals, are off-handedly cool in the manner of Jimi Hendrix, whose flamboyance Collins unmistakably aspires to. However, the music is definitely in the Parliament vein, with practically everyone from the band's late-'70s peak aboard, including Mike Hampton, Jerome Brailey and the horny horns. Conceptually, sci-fi reins, and the watery sound of Collins' aqua-bass doesn't get in the way of a mostly up-tempo album. This might be his best solo work.

1. Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby
2. The Pinocchio Theory
3. Rubber Duckie
4. Preview Side Too
5. What's a Telephone Bill?
6. Munchies for Your Love
7. Can't Stay Away
8. Reprise: We Want Bootsy

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