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According to legend, Crobot got their name from their penchant for jamming "Crobar-esque" riffs with low robotic octave effects, but if you ask lead singer Brandon Yeagley, Crobot has evolved into more than that. "It's become a counter-culture, so-to-speak."

Crobot embodies a mixture of groove-heavy riff-rock that will want to make you bang your head and shake your ass. Think of them as Wolfmother's American cousins who smell like leather (they make leather-scented air fresheners!) and whose music scorches your ears like hot sauce to the taste (Yes, they even have their own hot sauce!).

This is clearly a band to watch for fans of the aforementioned Soundgarden, as well as Wolfmother and Queens of the Stone Age." Hardrock Nights says of Yeagley, "Watching him is exhausting, and I honestly have no idea how his head hasn't ripped off of his shoulders. I don't know what else to tell you except that Crobot is just killer."

Side 1:
Legend of the Spaceborne Killer
Nowhere to Hide

Side 2:
La Mano de Lucifer
Skull of Geronimo

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