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The East Detroit-based proto-punk outfit Death formed in 1973 around the talents of siblings David, Bobby, and Dannis Hackney. The brothers, who had spent previous summers banging out soul and funk jams, began to gravitate toward the deafening assault of bands like Black Sabbath, MC5, Alice Cooper, and the Stooges, resulting in a volatile live set and demo that found favor with Detroit's burgeoning underground rock scene.

This is the third installment of the historic recordings made by Death. This collection of music spans from 1975 to 1992, featuring songs written by Death and David Hackney. The songs "North Street," "Restlessness," and "Open Road" represent the last full studio sessions recorded by Death before their transition to The 4th Movement in 1980.

This project also features "Yes He's Coming" and "We're Gonna Make It," two special songs written by David that reflect the spiritual, mental and physical soul of the three Hackney brothers. "We're Gonna Make It" is also featured in the highly-acclaimed film "A Band Called Death." Other tracks on this collection are priceless recordings done in Detroit at the legendary Groovesville Studios and "The Room."

1. Introduction by David
2. North Street
3. Open Road
4. We Are Only People
5. Restlessness
6. Free
7. Yes He’s Coming
8. First Snowfall in Detroit
9. We’re Gonna Make It

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