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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP

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180-gram vinyl, limited anniversary edition

First time gatefold cover, featuring original graphics and lyrics

Mastered by Friday Music's Joe Reagoso! Pressed at RTI!

In 1975, superstars Kansas delivered one of the finest albums in their time honored and much-loved classic rock catalog with their third smash Masque. Featuring the classic line-up of Steve Walsh on keys and lead vocals, Phil Ehart on drums, Kerry Livgren playing the lead guitar, Robby Steinhardt on violin and lead vocals and Dave Hope on bass, the Masque album has become one of their most loved works in their stunning four decades.

With hard rockers like "Two Cents Worth" and "It Takes A Woman's Love" and the brilliant prog-rock classic "The Pinnacle," the Masque album would be the transitional masterwork which would soon carry them into their arena rock classics. Leftoverture and Point Of Know Return.

Dig deeper into the grooves and there you find even more prog-rock champions like the masterful "Icarus" and the powerful rocker "Mysteries and Mayhem," making their third album Masque the home run it is and will forever be!

Mastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Mastering and pressed at RTI, this stunning LP was long overdue for the audiophile vinyl domain.

In honor of Kansas' 40th Year Anniversary, Friday Music is offering for a very limited time a first-time gatefold cover, featuring the original graphics, lyrics and of course the five-star mastering you would expect from Friday Music. One of the most anticipated prog-rock releases of 2014!



Side 1
It Takes A Woman’s Love (To Make A Man)
Two Cents Worth
Icarus (Borne On Wings Of Steel)
All The World

Side 2
Child Of Innocence
It’s You
Mysteries And Mayhem
The Pinnacle

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posted on 03/31/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mike Maffei
For years I've been waiting for a quiet copy of this record minus the snap,crackle,and pop.Since the orig. release on Kirshner(which was the best to date),the only audiophile releases of Kansas titles were on Japanese pressings and CBS Mastersound..Not bad but EQ on the CBS is a bit bright and the Japan pressings are good as always but still have the background noise (hence Song For America,Point Of Know Return,Leftoverture,Kansas /st ,and Monolith).Speakers Corner put out a nice sounding recording in Leftoverture.This record,which is just an awesome underrated recording which was way ahead of it's time,has finally been recorded with a flat natural sound,Crispy vocals,perfect bass,awesome drum sound,and you can hear what Icon Kerry Livgren is throwing in throughout.Steinhardt's violin work is outstanding and stands out sonically.All of that with a black,quiet background and Masque has finally been mixed the way it was meant to be heard.Go for It by ALL means.

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