Miles Davis - Kind of Blue


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The ultimate remaster of one of the most important records of all time!

Newly transformed from the original 3-track session tapes — a stunning digital transfer

For posterity and for history, the best-selling jazz album ever has now been redefined as a stunning 24/192 high-resolution transfer — available now at!

Newly transferred from the original 3-track session tapes and painstakingly engineered to recreate the original sound of the recording studio, this brand new 192kHz/24bit hi-res digital remaster is a definitive take on this Miles Davis classic. What's been achieved is a clarity and richness that transports the listener into the control room of Columbia Records' legendary 30th Street Studio in New York.

So much gushing press has accompanied this high-res remaster — here's a sample: "...The DR Value for the 24/192 version is a whopping 14 which should make every meter reader happy and Audacity spectrum plots confirm what the provenance told us, namely that there's no brick wall filter with plenty of musical energy above 20kHz. But more importantly, the remastered Kind of Blue sounds simply stunning. It sounds big, airy, intimate, warm, cool, and hot. All of the instruments sing out with a natural and beautifully clear voice. This remaster is in a word, most excellent." — Audiostream, Michael Lavorgna

"This new Hi-Res digital download finally gets it right. ... The clarity of this new edition is startling."Stereophile, Wes Phillips

Says Steve Berkowitz, producer for Sony Music: "We're hoping to let people hear again, through this high-resolution conversion, what it sounded like at the moment of creation. What it sounded like when Miles played, when Fred Plaut, the genius engineer recorded, and what producer Irving Townsend oversaw."

The three, 3-track, half-inch tapes from the original 1959 recording sessions are in good condition, but tapes of their age were not made for the success and spread of the music of Kind of Blue, and repeated usage, Berkowitz explains. Thus, the imperative to be as precise as possible to replicate fully the magic that is Kind of Blue.

The archiving was done at 192kHz/24 bits, played from a modified Ampex ATR 104, and hard-wired to HDCD Model 2's directly patched to a Lynx 2 sound card.

An upside to working from the archive files was the ability to chase the original fader moves done during the mix in 1959, Mark Wilder, of Battery Studios, the engineer working on the project says. "We constantly compared to an early pressing - mono and stereo - and worked bar by bar to duplicate the level moves on the three tracks to match as well as possible.

"Each channel was converted to analog and passed through a GML mixer, bussed to stereo or mono - depending on the release format - and converted once again to 192Kc/24 bits. At the GML, we inserted processing where needed."

An audiophile favorite from the day it was issued, Kind of Blue has a magic allure — it continues to sell tens of thousands of copies each year more than five decades after its release. It was a truly revolutionary concept album that's also a giant hit. Now the most successful jazz album in history has a digital release that truly reflects the ingeniousness and musicianship of its creators. So cool, so sonically rich. A fantastic tribute.



1. So What
2. Freddie Feeloader
3. Blue In Green
4. All Blues
5. Flamenco Sketches

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Definitely worth $25

posted on 01/21/2014
5 Stars
Can't believe I'm the first to review this. In digital I've only listened to the 1997 Columbia/Sony CD (a zillion times in beautiful SBM) and a horrible rendering of "So What" on an otherwise quite good sounding Sony SACD sampler.

My turntable system has been out of commission for a couple of years and is finally just about ready for action again. I can't currently make a valid analog vs digital comparison but this offering is great digital. Much better balance between the instruments which was always a problem for me on the CD. Most importantly - way more of the musical information we all want - otherwise I would not be writing this and you would not be reading it.

A no-brainer purchase.


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