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The Magnum version of the Perseus preamplifier features a host of premium parts and circuit upgrades that are cost prohibitive in the standard versions.  This Magnum upgrade package increases the transparency and dynamics of the component along with further improved performance at both frequency extremes.

- Larger power supply
- Power supply upgrades
- Hex Fred high speed diodes
- Coupling cap upgrades
- Polypropylene byass capacitors in filters
- PRP resistors in critical spots
- Upgraded 12AU7 tubes
- Cardas output wiring

With astonishing accuracy, the Perseus preamplifier reveals all of the nuance and detail previously hidden in your recordings. The deep taught bass and sparkling highs are recreated with surgical precision. A sublimely smooth yet uncolored midrange provides the basis for musical experiences you will wish never to end. Equally impressive are the rock solid imaging and deep soundstage that provide unparalleled musical presence.

The Perseus is a feature rich preamplifier that includes a four tube line stage and an excellent high gain phono section. The phono section is user adjustable and compatible with almost all of todays high performance moving coil and moving magnet cartridges. Other features include a home theater bypass, metal remote control, subwoofer output, auto mute function and a slow start feature to prolong tube life. In keeping with Rogue Audio’s “quality by design” philosophy, only the finest components are used in the construction of the Perseus. Gold and silver abound as do ultra-high tolerance resistors, polypropylene capacitors, gold/ceramic tube sockets and all of the other exotic componentry so important to discerning audiophiles,. And to complete the picture, all of these technical features are captured in a sophisticated chassis design that artfully displays the exacting electronics contained within.


- Frequency response 5Hz – 50KHz +/- 1 dB
- THD <0.1%
- Gain line stage: 12 dB
- Gain phono stage: 65 dB
- Rated output: 1.5V RMS
- Output impedance: 450 ohms
- Maxcimum output: 20V RMS
- RIAA accuracy = +/- 0.25 dB
- Dimensions 18 ”W X 4.5 ”H X 14.5” D
- Weight 22 pounds
- Power requirements 115/230V – 50/50Hz

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