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180 Gram LP

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Rilo Kiley's full-length 2001 debut, Take Offs and Landings is now available for the first time on vinyl (180-gram), with a special etching on the fourth side. In Take-Offs & Landings, singer Jenny Lewis heralds the sense of escape while pulling down the very act of traveling, making for some disjointed claims of love and relationships.

"With a sound that veers from the acoustic simplicity and poetic lyricism of coffeehouse folk to the bouncy, lo-fi infectiousness of D.I.Y. indie pop, this California quartet writes melodies so damn catchy, you might almost think you've heard them before. Songs such as 'Go Ahead' and 'Bulletproof' showcase the band's most distinctive asset — the sweet vocals and bittersweet lyrics of Jenny Lewis — while the breezy hooks and driving beats of tunes like 'Wires and Waves' and 'Always' show surprising commercial potential." — All Music Guide

1. Go Ahead
2. Science Vs. Romance
3. Wires And Waves
4. Pictures Of Success
5. August
6. Bulletproof
7. Plane Crash In C
8. Variations On A Theme (Science Vs. Romance)
9. Small Figures In A Vast Expanse
10. Don't Deconstruct
11. Always
12. We'll Never Sleep (God Knows We'll Try)
13. Rest Of My Life
14. Variations On A Theme (Plane Crash In C)

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