John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

 ((Deluxe Edition))


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CUNI 35663
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Blu-ray Audio

Note: Pure Audio

Blu-ray Pure Audio Disc

True High-Resolution 24bit/96k audiophile sound; stereo mix included

Audio mastered from the original tapes, delivered in three formats: DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby True HD, or PCM. 

A Love Supreme has been a faithful companion and teacher of generations of saxophonists and its message goes way beyond music and is still valid today! Right from the very first hearing, absolutely every single jazz critic shared the same opinion — whether trained musicians or not, true or would-be jazz expert: A Love Supreme is John Coltrane's most important recording.

And the rave reviews which appeared in the magazines Downbeat, Jazz Hot, Jazz Podium and Swingjournal reflected this: critics all over the world, in America, Europe and Japan recognized that Coltrane's deep religious belief had influenced both his approach to life and his music-making. It not only enabled him to express himself with great intensity but also lent him the necessary inner peace to conceive a work of almost 40 minutes in length and to lead his quartet along the same path as himself.

Recorded in 1964.



Part 1: Acknowledgement
Part 2: Resolution
Part 3: Pursuance
Part 4: Psalm
Bonus Tracks
Introduction by Andre Francis
Part 1: Acknowledgement (Live Version)
Part 2: Resolution (Live Version)
Part 3: Pursuance (Live Version)
Part 4: Psalm (Live Version)
Part 2: Resolution (Alternative Take)
Part 2: Resolution (Breakdown
Part 1: Acknowledgement (Alternative Take)
Part 1: Acknowledgement (Alternative Take)

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