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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram Vinyl Record
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180-gram LP includes "Tomorrow" and "Sit with the Guru"

Wake Up...It's Tomorrow, The Strawberry Alarm Clock's second album, is what many fans consider the most ambitious musical statement of the band's career. Includes "Tomorrow," "Sit with the Guru," and the haunting "Pretty Song from Psych-Out," theme of the cult-classic film of the same name, on 180-gram vinyl.

Side A
Nightmare of Percussion
Soft Skies, No Lies
They Saw the Fat One Coming
Curse of the Witches

Side B
Sit With The Guru
Go Back (You're Going the Wrong Way)
Pretty Song from Psych Out
Sitting on a Star
Black Butter, Past
Black Butter, Present
Black Butter, Future

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