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Almost two years ago, Tim Armstrong, Travis Barker and Rob Aston found themselves back in the studio working on the third Transplants album. The band coined those sessions "Transplants Tuesday's" with no real goal other than getting together and making music. The music that did come from those sessions show a growth and maturity for the band, all the while sticking to the distinct Transplants style represented on their two previous albums — 2002's debut Transplants and 2005's Haunted Cities.

"When we started this band 13 years ago, we weren't worried about who was going to like us. We still aren't. In A Warzone is more raw and stripped down than our previous releases. In my opinion, it's our best album." says Rob Aston.

Rob further goes on to note: "It's always been difficult to classify Transplants. At the end of the day, we're a punk rock band. We make whatever type of music we want."



1. In A Warzone
2. See It To Believe It
3. Back To You
4. Come Around
5. Something’s Different
6. Any Of Them
7. Silence
8. All Over Again
9. It’s A Problem
10. Completely Detach
11. Gravestones And Burial Plots
12. Exit The Wasteland

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