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Flea's first ever solo release!

"The most delightful surprise of the year." — 8/10, Diffuser

Warning! says the Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist Flea. Helen Burns is not a Chili Peppers record. It does not have songs that are like the Chili Peppers at all. Instead, he writes, the solo EPs six new tracks constitute "... a mostly instrumental, weird and arty record; the music is mostly just me creating soundscapes that are very emotional for me, but certainly not for everyone! Just me tripping out at home."  All profits from the record's sale will go to The Silverlake Conservatory of Music a community based non- profit music school that Flea is an integral part of.

Flea and buddy Patti Smith recorded most of the record (named for the character from the novel Jane Eyre) when the Chili Peppers finished their tour for Stadium Arcadium. The record's instrumentals stem from Flea's time as a theory and jazz trumpet student at USC in 2008 while the Peppers were on hiatus; that's how long ago he originally revealed plans for the Helen Burns EP. Flea and ex-Peppers sax player Tree founded the Silverlake Conservatory in 2001.

Side 1
Pedestal of Infamy
A Little Bit of Sanity

Side 2
Helen Burns
333 Revisited

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