The Allman Brothers Band - Eat A Peach

 (Numbered Limited Edition)


Released in 1972 as an ode to fallen brother Duane Allman, Eat A Peach is widely considered among the very best of the Allman Brothers’ vast output. The record is split between new-at-the-time studio recordings and classics recorded live from the Fillmore East sessions. There’s also a round of studio tracks recorded before Duane’s death. Classic cuts include "Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More," "Melissa," "One Way Out," "Trouble No More," "Blue Sky" and "Little Martha." This Hybrid SACD plays in both CD and SACD players, as well as all SACD-compatible DVD players.



1. Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More
2. Les Brers in A Minor
3. Melissa
4. Mountain Jam
5. One Way Out
6. Trouble No More
7. Stand Back
8. Blue Sky
9. Little Martha

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Best digital version there is

posted on 10/12/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: JC
Think the original Japanese 2CD set can't be beat? Think again. Just A/B it with Mo-Fi's SACD and you'll hear a more natural and rich sound from the Mo-Fi. The vocals are more real and no sugaring of the top end was done. The original Mercury SACD? Well they tried and it sounds way off. If you like this album half as much as I do then your collection requires the Mo-Fi. Get it!

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