Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

Lynyrd Skynyrd Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd on numbered limited edition 180-gram LP from Mobile Fidelity

The South rises again: Bluesy, hard-rocking 1973 debut raised southern rock flag

Forget, for a moment, "Free Bird." Consider, instead, the authentic down-home rowdiness, distinctive first-person narratives, searing triple-guitar front, gritty vocals, and bluesy boogie bluster. And the undeniable youthful hunger pumping through the subtly witty songs, all strongly rooted in Southern heritage and working-class values. Independent of the most-requested tune in history, Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd bleeds red, white, and blue and encapsulates the wondrous dichotomies of Southern rock.

Mastered from the original master tapes and pressed on 180-gram vinyl at RTI, this vinyl edition of the Floridian group's ground-shaking debut is the equivalent of having access to the band's amplifiers and producer Al Kooper's control boards in the studio. Affording palpable spaciousness to each of the instruments, expanding the dynamic range, and clearing away previous tonal congestion, this version presents the septet's raw, honest tunes in the most direct, hard-hitting sound they've ever enjoyed. It lays waste to all prior reissues — none of which on LP went back to the master tapes.

Months before Lynyrd Skynyrd enjoyed the privilege of recording its debut, the band entered its seventh year of playing juke joints and assorted dives in a bootstraps effort to land a deal. During a residency at a hardscrabble Georgian club, the group's rambunctious rock, swaggering attitude, blue-collar determination, and country-reared cadence caught the ear of producer/musician Al Kooper. The rest is history. Kooper inked the ensemble to his new imprint and hustled everyone into a Georgia studio for sessions that occurred March through April 1973.

It's at the Studio One space that Lynyrd Skynyrd flashed scampering tempos, cutting give-and-take riffs, loose barroom lines, and off-the-cuff vocalese that entirely separated its approach from that of the more jazz-styled affairs of the Allman Brothers Band. Confederate flags, empty whiskey bottles, cocked pistols, rotgut habits, scorned women, and prodigal drifters populate the songs, nearly all written from first-person perspectives that add to their genuineness. Prophetic touches — twinkling piano notes, soaring mellotrons, a one-off harmonica — provide ideal complements to the intertwined guitar melodies and singer Ronnie Van Zant's comfortable gruffness and way of expressing local customs.


1. I Ain’t the One
2. Tuesday’s Gone
3. Gimme Three Steps
4. Simple Man
5. Things Goin’ On
6. Mississippi Kid
7. Poison Whiskey
8. Free Bird

Customer Reviews (3.25 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

Not Mobile Fidelity's best work

posted on 05/26/2013
2 Stars
Reviewer: Bruce K
I was somewhat disappointed by this title. Of course it's got the MFSL manufacturing quality, but I don't prefer how they mastered it. It's EQed WAY bright. As soon as you drop the stylus, you can hear the tape hiss screaming at you, and everything sound like it's got the 6 KHz jacked. Not significantly better than the Sounds Of The South pressing. If you don't already have this on vinyl, then it's worth looking at, but if you're considering it, and you've got a friend with one of these, listen to theirs before buying. You might change your mind. If it were a regular pressing, I'd probably give it 3 or 4 stars, but compared to Mobile Fidelity's potential, I'd have to give it 2.

Masterful Material, Masterful Mastering

posted on 03/25/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Classicolin
Lynyrd Skynyrd's impeccable debut is finally given the golden treatment. If you've tired of "Free Bird", "Tuesday's Gone", and "Simple Man" being played to death on low-fi FM radio then get this album and you'll feel as though you're hearing these songs for the first time (rather than the millionth). DEFINITELY, a must have. Please order now, and don't look back!


posted on 02/07/2013
3 Stars
Reviewer: taildragger
Having heard the bulk of this alblum on all formats it has a nice tonality to it. tracks like simple man ,teusday's gone and mississsippi kid ,things going on all sound stunning . The sound stage isn't great but is adequate. It 's about the imaging and tonal balance that make these tracks shine. As for the rest particurarly the anthem freebird; to these ears it sounds very muddy and congested during the solos what a dis appointment. Overall I prefer the Street Survivors reissue on mofi silver and its from a dubbed tape.

Great Album! but was hoping for a little better!

posted on 03/23/2014
3 Stars
Reviewer: Mike
After owning this MOFI version for a little while and listening to my older real Skynyrd albums and my older MOFI albums too I have decided to lower my rating for this version. Yeah! the sound dynamics aren't that great, hearing the different guitars is not that easy "muddy". The sound quality overall is average. Is it poor mastering or poor condition of master tape? Recent MOFI LPS aren't that good I am noticing as I compare more of them to my 70's standard LPS. None of the new MOFIs make me sit back and go "WOW!". I doubt I will be buying anymore in the future.

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