Amber Rubarth - Sessions From The 17th Ward

Amber Rubarth - Sessions From The 17th Ward





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CCRJ 356
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1. Hold On
2. Don't You
3. Strive (Interlude)
4. A Kiss to Build a Dream On
5. Down Home (Interlude)
6. Novocaine
7. Darkest Dark, Brightest Light
8. Tundra (Interlude)
9. Good Mystery
10. Washing Day
11. Sneak (Interlude)
12. Full Moon in Paris
13. Just Like a Woman
14. Storms Are on the Ocean

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An Audiophile Reference Recording

posted on 05/26/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Donald Scarinci
Amber Rubarth has matured as a singer/songwriter with her latest album. This amazing recording is what happens when a record producer is an artist himself who can recognize great talent and make it come alive in your living room. Chesky Records and Amber Rubarth are made for each other. Rubarth is the new great sound of New York City and this recording is an audiophile listening experience. "Sessions from the 17th Ward" has become my reference CD in this genre.

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