Donovan - Sunshine Superman

 (Mono Version)

Donovan - Sunshine Superman





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ASUNQ 5028

140 / 150 Gram Vinyl Record


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Mono Version on Gold Vinyl

"…Mono has always suggested 'less' and that translated to 'inferior,' right? Well, wrong – listening to this mono LP was illuminating – I really couldn't believe my ears, or that what I was listening to was coming from a mono source. I'd call this a really 'wide' mono presentation, not at all unlike classic Blue Note LPs from the fifties, and I was really impressed with how the soundstage filled the width and depth of my listening room. Donovan's voice had an uncanny realism and presence that simply astonished me…I can't recommend this album highly enough – artistically it's a knockout, and playback was truly a joy." – Tom Gibbs,

When Donovan went electric in 1966, he jumped headfirst into the deep end – and the splash was felt all around the world. Here's an exact repro of the U.S. version of Donovan's hypnotic Sunshine Superman LP, in ultra-punchy mono, on premium vinyl. Showcasing the international smash single of the same name, Sunshine Superman – with its exotic tapestries, sitar-laced psychedelia and unrelenting folk-rock vibe – has only grown more irresistible over the years.

Sunshine Superman
Legend of a Girl Child Linda
Three King Fishers
Ferris Wheel
Bert's Blues
Season of the Witch
The Trip
The Fat Angel

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Another triumph from Sundaze

posted on 07/28/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Dan Swan
I have now purchased all four of the Donovan mono releases from Sundaze and they all sound fantastic. When these records were released in the states they were electronically re-channeled for stereo by Epic, and although they sounded okay, they lost their original intent. This has now been corrected, and the results have been wonderful. Each album has a beautifully warm presence that allows the music to breathe. The pressings are really clean and without any surface noise at all. Very impressed.

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