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Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio from the original source recordings!

200-gram audiophile vinyl double-LP pressing by Quality Record Pressings. Gatefold, tip-on jackets on heavy cardboard stock, deluxe high quality!

Part of Analogue Productions’ reissue of the Norah Jones’ solo catalog, featuring the individual albums Come Away With MeFeels Like HomeNot Too LateThe Fall and Little Broken Hearts. Each album is featured in exclusive LP and SACD box sets that include Norah’s Covers album!

"Jones sings of heartbreak throughout with more contempt than we've ever heard from her before. ... It might be dark, but this stunning collection of anguish is the brightest she's shined in a long time." — Digital Spy, April 2012 

"Jones' most recent album, Little Broken Hearts, has 12 songs spread across two records. The original LPs were pressed on white vinyl, but no such gimmicks this time around. ... Our favorite Norah Jones album sounds better than ever in this form." — Review of the Norah Jones Vinyl Collection by Paul Sinclair,, January 2013

Norah Jones’ Little Broken Hearts was created in collaboration with producer Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton, best known as the producing ace for Gnarls Barkley with singer Cee Lo Green. Jones and Danger Mouse wrote all of the material for the album together at the producer’s studio in Los Angeles, and the duo performed all of the instruments themselves. This is their second time working together — Jones previously appeared as a vocalist on Rome, Danger Mouse’s collaboration with Italian composer Daniele Luppi. Though Little Broken Hearts is the result of a partnership between Jones and Danger Mouse, the record will be credited only to her.

The album’s sound ranges from experimental chamber serenades to stark, electronic-embellished confessions. "It’s obviously very different than anything Norah’s ever done," Burton says. "I don’t know what people will think - I hope they like it, and she doesn’t lose a bunch of fans."

"I’d never gone in with nothing and wrote songs from scratch, and I’d never played bass before on a record," Jones told Rolling Stone. "I was out of my comfort zone - but I was comfortable because we’re friends."

Adds Burton, "The best thing was having just the two of us on those first sessions, not a whole band. Norah had as many, if not more, great ideas than I did."

One of the boldest departures is "Take It Back," which features fuzzed-out guitars and spooky, distorted vocals. "I never knew how to get weird sounds," Jones says. "It was all about finding a balance between those effects and making sure my voice was clear and sounded like me."

In its own quiet way, Little Broken Hearts hews closer to heartbreak classics like Marvin Gaye’s Here, My Dear than to anything in Jones’ back catalog, Rolling Stone reports, "This time, I’ve been way less concerned with self-editing," Jones says. "I’m not sad, but there’s a lot of hurt in there. And it felt great to say what I felt and put it down on tape. Doing that made me so happy! This album is all about saying things that needed to be said." 

1. Good Morning
2. Say Goodbye
3. Little Broken Hearts
4. She's 22
5. Take It Back
6. After The Fall
7. 4 Broken Hearts
8. Travelin' On
9. Out On The Road
10. Happy Pills
11. Miriam
12. All A Dream

Customer Reviews (4.80 Stars) 5 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 01/22/2018
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ken
This is one of my favorite Norah Jones releases and I finally decided to buy the vinyl in addition to the CD I already have. I'm thrilled I did, the moment the stylus hit the record I knew this was something special. Vinyl is very quiet and the sound is wonderfully nuanced and balanced. Very rich tonally and a joy to listen to. Highly recommended.

Norah Jones AP Little broken hearts Lp

posted on 12/18/2013
4 Stars
This is review of Ap's 33 rpm set Mastered by Kevin Grey. Norah Jones has done a fair variety of stuff, and also worked with a wide range of notable people- her music has ranged from light jazz, to country flavored, to modern electronic pop. Here she goes for a modern pop sound with breakup angst lyrics. This album is one of her best- and is a "grower". Listeners expecting something similar to "Come away with me" may be surprised at the shift in style. The album also marks a change in recording quality- whereas "come away with me" received general favor among "audiophiles", I don't know if you can say the same about "little broken hearts" which is closer to how a modern pop record sounds nowadays- there's a certain caged in quality tonal wise, especially to the bass- meanwhile Norah's voice and other instruments emerge in a vast reverb induced space, which makes for a weird sonic impression. This record has OK sonics. Greg Calbis cd and KG's Lp reflect that. Sound: 7 Music: 9.


posted on 06/28/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Vann
Everything about this album is really, really great. The material is some of Norah Jones' finest work, the mastering is phenomenal with a spaciousness and depth that really grabs your attention, and the pressing is dead quiet. This album is a highlight of my small (but growing...) collection. (Equipment: Music Hall MMF-7.1 with Goldring Eroica cart, hand built all-tube pre-amp and 60w EL-34 mono-blocks by Tomcat Audio, Advent Loudspeakers)


posted on 02/09/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mr. Freak
This is one brilliant album. It has a raw but refined presence that sucks the music out of Norah in a new and exciting way. The vinyl is quiet and that allows the band to muse into the vocals. I have only one word to say about 'little broken hearts' - WOW!

fantastic record and 200 gram pressing.

posted on 02/08/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: David
I bought the 180 gram white vinyl version that sounded good but still was pretty noisy with a lot of pops and ticks but I liked the album so much I bought the quality pressing 200 gram version and I gotta say it was worth every penny. sounds way better with more detail a little more bass and dead quiet surface. wish I had just bought the quality pressings version to begin with.

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