Riccardo Muti - Mussorgsky-Ravel: Pictures From An Exhibition; Stravinsky: The Firebird

Riccardo Muti - Mussorgsky-Ravel: Pictures From An Exhibition; Stravinsky: The Firebird





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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP
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180-gram Audiophile Vinyl Cut from the Original Analogue EMI Master Tapes at Abbey Road Studios! 

Charismatic Italian conductor Riccardo Muti was music director of the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1980 to 1992, which he led on numerous international tours and made many acclaimed recordings, including the first Beethoven cycle for CD. In 1992, he was appointed conductor laureate.

Muti was very much an EMI artist in the 1980s and EMI found a new recording venue in the Old Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia, the generous acoustics of which “enables this great orchestra to be heard to best advantage” as GRAMOPHONE wrote in 1979.

In the original 1979 review of the Mussorgsky piece Robert Layton in GRAMOPHONE wrote: 
“...what orchestral playing they offer us. The lower strings in ‘Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle’ have an extraordinary richness, body and presence, and “Baba Yaga”, which opens the second side, has an unsurpassed virtuosity and attack as well as being of demonstration standard as a recording. The glorious body of tone, the richly glowing colours, the sheer homogeneity of the strings and perfection of the ensemble is a constant source of pleasure.” 

Of the Stravinsky Layton wrote:
“...Muti’s reading is second to none and the orchestral playing is altogether breathtaking. The recording is amazingly lifelike and truthful.” 

Cut at Abbey Road Studios from the original stereo analogue master tapes with the Neumann VMS80 lathe fed an analogue pre-cut signal from a specially adapted Studer A80 tape deck with additional playback head. Pressed on 180g vinyl to audiophile standards. 

The Philadelphia Orchestra
Riccardo Muti, conductor

Modest Mussorgsky: Pictures From An Exhibition, Nos. 1 to 8
The Gnome
The Old Castle
In The Tuileries
Ballet of the Chicks in their Shells
Two Old Jews (Goldenberg and Schmuyle)
The Market Place at Limoges
The Catacombs
Cum mortuis in lingua mortua
The Hut on Fowls’ Legs (Baba Yaga)
The Great Gate of Kiev

Igor Stravinsky: Firebird Suite (1919 version)
Dance of the Firebird
Round Dance of the Princesses
Infernal Dance of King Kastchei

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Where clean sounds great

posted on 06/26/2020
4 Stars
Reviewer: Robert Simpson
I returned the first LP because of an unplayable gouge on the pressing and many other scratches. Fingerprints could be seen on the sealed LP. I just received the replacement LP and it sounds great. I agree with the other review having owned the Mofi disk previously. My complaint is that this replacement also arrived with a significant scratch on the Firebird Suite side and had many other ticks and pops. The first track of Firebird popped for three quarters of the track. When and where cleanly pressed the music sounds great. I wish HiQ would get their pressing process cleaned up. Five stars if they do.

Killer LP

posted on 12/29/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Triodeotl
Hey if any of you are wondering. This LP is the equal and in some cases surpasses the MO-FI re-issue of it from the 1980's.

I was suprised by how quiet the surfaces were on this LP and it was totally flat. I wonder where HI-Q presses the LP's.

This is a stunning record in everyway. Great acoustics and fidelity. Drums wacks that will stun you. Beautiful and lush orchestral sections. Don't buy it for the Pictures get it for the Firebird on Side: 2. You can't go wrong.

This is deep and menacing music for the audiophile that wants to show off thier system with a great sounding record and this is one great sounding record.

Now when will HI-Q duplicate the MUTI "Rite of Spring" which I would think would be at the top of the re-issue list.

Highly recommended do not miss it.

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