Ry Cooder - Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down

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2-LP Set, 140-gram vinyl with insert and bonus CD

"These times," says Ry Cooder, "call for a very different kind of protest song. 'Where Have All the Flowers Gone?' We're way down the road from that."

Whether serving as a session musician, solo artist, or soundtrack composer, Ry Cooder's chameleon-like fretted instrument virtuosity, songwriting, and choices of material encompass an incredibly eclectic range of North American musical styles, including rock & roll, blues, reggae, Tex-Mex, Hawaiian, Dixieland jazz, country, folk, R&B, gospel, and vaudeville.

On his fourth solo effort for Nonesuch/Perro Verde Records, the globe-trotting composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist leaves behind the fantastical yarn-spinning, the magical realism, and allegorical tunes of his acclaimed, Grammy Award-nominated California trilogy — Chavez Ravine (2005), My Name Is Buddy (2007), and I, Flathead (2008) — for the most forthright album of his career. The 14 songs on Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down are, by turns, angry, outraged, bitterly funny, and deeply poignant. With brilliant, Woody Guthrie-like directness and a healthy dollop of satire, Cooder's lyrics address the often-sorry state of our domestic affairs: the bank bailout, the anti-immigration movement, the ever-growing gap between rich and poor, and the never-ending war in the Middle East and its devastating physical and emotional toll on young soldiers.


1. No Banker Left Behind
2. El Corrido de Jesse James
3. Quick Sand
4. Dirty Chateau
5. Humpty Dumpty World
6. Christmas Time This Year
7. Baby Joined the Army
8. Lord Tell Me Why
9. I Want My Crown
10. John Lee Hooker for President
11. Dreamer
12. Simple Tools
13. If There's a God
14. No Hard Feelings

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Ry Cooder continues a rich legacy

posted on 01/19/2012
4 Stars
Reviewer: Jerry
This is supposedly the fourth and final album in a series in which Ry exposes us to diverse aspects of Americana in various forms. The other three albums, "My name is Buddy," "Chavez Ravine," and "I, Flathead'" are musical journeys through the twentieth century. With that said, I must be jaded. If I had never heard Ry Cooder over the past 40 plus years, I would be jumping up and down praising this record. But when someone releases records of such astounding quality I found myself going "yep another Ry Cooder classic," without much fanfare. I'm embarrassed to say I expected more when I have no right to. It's just that I've never heard a bad Ry Cooder album. This is as good as any he has done. Just pick a favorite. I'll go with Chavez Ravine from this series. You get to pick your own.

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