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Pink Floyd - The Wall





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AEMI 0004
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180 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

180 Gram LP

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

Released in tandem with EMI's huge Why Pink Floyd...? campaign that includes remastered CDs, an SACD, Blu-Ray DVDs, memorabilia box sets and more from their legendary catalog.

Remastered by James Guthrie with artwork by Storm Thorgerson.

One of the most acclaimed concept albums of all time, The Wall is renowned as Roger Waters' Rock Opera, dealing with abandonment and personal isolation. Featuring the unique artwork of Gerald Scarfe, the album also yielded the U.S. and U.K. No. 1 hit "Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2" and was subsequently adapted for cinema by Alan Parker featuring Bob Geldof in the lead role.

This release is part of a larger Why Pink Floyd...? campaign by EMI. The releases are designed to appeal to a wide cross section of their fans, with music to excite first time listeners, while super-deluxe box sets will cater to dedicated fans, allowing them to immerse themselves in multi-disc sets, containing alternate takes, unreleased tracks, restored live concert screen films and a live recording of the legendary The Dark Side Of The Moon performance at Wembley in 1974.

A series of different listening experiences have been specially created for this release: in addition to remastered CDs called Discovery and the Immersion CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/memorabilia box sets will be a series of Experience Editions - coupling one classic album with a further disc of related content from that album to offer a deeper listening experience.

Storm Thorgerson, the band's longtime Art Director, has overseen the visual design, including new booklets for all the CDs, new artwork for the box sets and menus for the DV content. Respected photographer Jill Furmanovsky has edited books of original unseen photographs. Pink Floyd collaborators James Guthrie (in the U.S.) and Andy Jackson (in the U.K.) have been in charge of digital remastering to the highest audio and audiovisual standards.


1. In the Flesh?
2. The Thin Ice
3. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1
4. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
5. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2
6. Mother
7. Goodbye Blue Sky
8. Empty Spaces
9. Young Lust
10. One of My Turns
11. Don't Leave Me Now
12. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3
13. Goodby Cruel World
14. Hey You
15. Is There Anybody Out There?
16. Nobody Home
17. Vera
18. Bring the Boys Back Home
19. Comfortably Numb
20. O.K.
21. The Show Must Go On
22. In the Flesh
23. Run Like Hell
24. Waiting for the Worms
25. Stop
26. The Trial

Customer Reviews (3.36 Stars) 14 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 06/23/2016
3 Stars
Reviewer: Dennis
It appears that dynamic range was sacrificed for clarity. This recording is very clear and free of distortion. The tradeoff is that it sucked the life out of this recording. Not that that is all bad but if you have a decent old copy, don't bother to get this one.

Fellow Floyd Fans - Get the new UK pressings

posted on 10/11/2015
1 Stars
All US re-pressings sound terrible. Picked up the UK versions which are excellent and dead quiet. All EMI re-issues are like this including Ziggy Stardust. Go with UK versions for EMI re-issues..... TRUST ME!!

a pig in horses clothing

posted on 10/04/2015
1 Stars
Major disappointment, stay well clear if your have a decent system. Flat, disappointing dynamics and awful sound stage. Sounds like mp3 pressed into vinyl. Not even a contest with the original or a period reissue


posted on 11/27/2012
2 Stars
Reviewer: Billy S
After the description on this I was prepared to be blown away. This is not even compatible to a decent US original press (which is not hard to find). This is obviously a bad digital mix on vinyl. I'm sure they will remove this review to sell more records but use this advice while you can.

Original is better

posted on 06/13/2012
3 Stars
Reviewer: Hans
Just played my original lp (TML in the dead wax) and the new digital remastered lp (made sure the volume was identical). In my opinion the original is better, and not by a small margin! The new one sounds closed in, doesn't drag you in to the music and has less emotion and atmosphere. Voices are more human in the original and attack and decay of guitars more real, etc. Is this a matter of digital or an old mastertape?

2 copies that click, pop, and scratch

posted on 05/21/2012
2 Stars
Reviewer: Mark
I ordered a copy of this on vinyl and had to return it. Sides 2 and 3 were horrible. AS was great and swapped it for a new copy. Although this copy is better it is still bad. I will not return it again, just to expensive. Mark this one as a lessoned learned. Stay away from this record, bad quality control. When it isn't popping, crackling, or making scratching noises the audio is very good. To bad they can't manufacturer the record.

As good as the 80s Japanese pressing

posted on 03/27/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: John Roucis
I didn't think this was possible, but this album is as good, or potentially slightly better, than the 80s Japanese pressing. In the 1980s, the Japanese pressing of "The Wall" was expensive, and highly sought after. After listening to all 4 sides of this album, this one is simply superb. I have not heard the CBS Mastersound version from the 80s, but in general, the Japanese pressings were the std. of excellence, back in the day. Excellent work, and should be in your collection, if you're a Floyd fan. The album sleeve and packaging art work is gorgeous, and even exceeds the Japanese pressing.

Superb Sounding Pressing as good as CBS 1/2 Speed Master for much Less $$$.

posted on 03/23/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: JT
I picked a copy of this up a couple of weeks ago and was dismayed by all the negative reviews of it. Well I Finally played it last night and have to say that those so called audiophiles who gave this pressing Negative reviews either need to clean the wax from their ears or own BOSE speakers. This new pressing sounds phenomenal. To begin with It's detailed, dynamic, and very warm sounding. I compared it with my old CBS 1/2 speed mastered mint- copy that up until now I've been blessed to own for the past decade and both copies sound extremely similar to each-other. I'd say the CBS is a tad bit warmer sounding to my ears while the new Capitol pressing sounds more accurate and has more dynamic slam. I also disagree with those folks that say The Wall wasn't recorded as well as Floyd's earlier efforts. Just have a listen to all of side 3 as well as the beautiful melancholy song "Mother," by Waters. The Wall is a Superbly recorded album. Highly Recommended must have record to die for.

Well worth the money

posted on 03/17/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Guystp
This lp is of very high quality, extremely quiet and free of surface noise. I am quite pleased with this one, The quality is very good, and of course, the music is outstanding.

best on vinyl

posted on 03/12/2012
5 Stars
better sound than original emi pressings almost as good as cbs mastersound half speed

Was Never that great a recording, but....

posted on 03/06/2012
4 Stars
Reviewer: Eric
Honestly, of the 5 most important Floyd records, which are The Wall, Animals, Wish You Were Here, DSOTM, and Meddle, I always felt The Wall was worst produced...Ty Bob Ezrin. The Wall has always, to me, felt overproduced. This may owe to the limitations of technology and the theatrical nature, versus live, of the music. I don't think anyone, including Bernie Grundman, could ressurect this one. That said, it still sounds better than my 1st ed CBS from 1979.

no better than DSOTM or WYWH

posted on 03/02/2012
1 Stars
Reviewer: Bill NJ
What can I say except I should have known better. After DSOTM and WYWH's failed attempts this solidifies the trifecta of poor decison making. FLAT and BORING are the two words that I would best describe these originally crafted works of art. These three albums deserve to have their unmastered tape and some QT spent with the wonderful folks at Analogue Productions and QRP. Come on Chad...what do you say? 45RPM?

Amazing pressing!

posted on 02/28/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Eric
I am a stickler for quality. I like this pressing. I never had a good copy of this before so its hard to compare, but as it stands compared to the other two releases (DSOTM and WYWH)...this sounds just as good. I heard all three of these were taken from the high rez digital files...and to honest...i don't care about that. High rez digital is fine by me. What counts IMO is the dynamics. ..and this has the dynamics. Just pulling the record from the sleeve you can see them in the grooves. They are there while listening too. Seems to be a very clean pressing too interms of surface noise. Worth the price if you want a clean copy that sounds great.

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