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Harbeth Speakers - HL-Compact 7ES-3 Speakers

 (Rosewood Finish - Pair)

Harbeth Speakers



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Stereophile Class B

The HL Compact 7ES-2 is the core of the Harbeth sound. The launch model for the RADIAL driver, the Compact 7ES-2 is the quintessential sound of Harbeth: effortless, fantastically high resolution and seductive.

"I have now owned three generations of Harbeth loudspeakers. Like other neurotic audiophiles, I've experimented with many other brands and models over the years. In the end, after we've finally recovered from audiophile nervosa we tend to return to what always seemed right in the first place. The Compact 7's just feel right. I'm pleased to have the 'Harbeth Sound' back in my home care of Acoustic Sounds. Thank you."Michael Jones, Acoustic Sounds customer

"…practically a textbook on how to make a low-coloration, high-accuracy, compact two-way."The Absolute Sound's 2007 Golden Ear Awards, Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, August 2007

"...Indeed, for sheer neutrality the 7ES-3 rivals the Harbeth Monitor 40, and in the 2kHz-4kHz range even trumps by reference Quads...I cannot overstate how fantastically these speakers reproduce ambience, whether real or synthesized, large spaces or small...Among major changes, the 7ES-3 has an updated tweeter, a new surround for the woofer, and a substantially redesigned crossover at a slightly lower frequency...The 7ES-3 gets it right - preserving the baritone but restoring what upper-range lightness it has...I am slack-jawed that Shaw has achieved such high resolution and tonal neutrality without the 7s sounding in the least clinical, analytical or edgy." - Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, April/May 2007

"The Harbeth speakers are amazing! They are very neutral, yet very articulate. They have quite punchy low end for their size. Drums and percussion are reproduced with stunning weight and clarity. After using them as primary speakers to monitor a direct-to-disc recording, I can recommend them without hestiation!" - Kevin Gray, AcousTech Mastering

(A mastering and cutting engineer with more than 30 years experience, Kevin Gray has credits on multiple albums gone platinum and Grammy. Gray is the mastering engineer for and part owner of AcousTech Mastering in Camarillo, California.)

Technical Specifications

Transducer: Vented 2 way loudspeaker
Drive Units: LF: custom 200mm HarbethRADIALTM polymeric composite patented cone, antimagnet, reinforced polymer chassis, low-Q magnet system HF: custom 25mm ferrocooled aluminium dome, shielded
Frequency response: 46Hz - 20kHz ± 3dB free space, 1m with grille on, smooth off axis response
Sensitivity: 87dB 1W/1m
Amplifier suggestion: 25-150W
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms nominal
Power handling: 150W programme
Connector: Two 4mm gold-plated binding posts
Dimensions: 20 1/2"x 10 3/4"x 12 1/4" (520mm x 273mm x 315mm)
Weight: 29 lbs ea. (13.6kg each, 15.6kg packed singly)
Special Features: AV ready with controlled magnetic field and suitable for close proximity to TV and computer screens
Recommended listening: On stands at approx. tweeter height
Technology: Low-Q critically damped crossover Critically damped SuperTunedStructureTM SuperGrilleTM

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Instruments and vocals sound real

posted on 09/20/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Robert
I had seen Harbeth speakers before and dismissed them as something that looked from the 70s and built in a garage. I also thought how could a simple two way box speaker sound as good as a three way tower? They are too fat and boxy to image well, aren't they? They also seemed very expensive for what they are. After trying a pair of PSB T2s that sounded horrible (despite all the rave reviews), a dealer suggested I demo a set of these. I took him up on the offer. I am glad I did. On the first CD I immediately heard what I had never heard before. Instruments sounded like instruments, not just sound coming from an instrument, they had texture, and they were placed on the soundstage better than they had ever been before. Vocals sounded so much more realistic. The soundstage was as wide and deep as any I'd heard before. I ordered a set with Skylan stands even though it was over my budget. CD after CD and I just want to keep listening. I can't see ever getting rid of these.

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