AudioPrism - Ground Control Reference

 (Spade Connector)




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System Enhancements

Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

The new Reference gives you even better performance with improved metallurgy and premium silver connectors. Another big jump!

Don't let the impressiveness of your system's specs and price tags go to your head. After all, what good is it all if you're not even hearing it's optimal performance?

AudioPrism's Ground Control provides a self-contained local ground storage mechanism for all of the electrostatic moments that occur in music being reproduced via a given circuit or component. Or, in English, it stabilizes the electrical fields wherever it's placed, creating a greater grounding than the negative post of the loudspeaker.

Does it work? You better believe it! And it's not some tweak you've got to use your imagination to hear. Your music will spring to life with more air and natural decay.

OK, now you can let it go to your head just a little.


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my sound system came to life

posted on 08/16/2011
5 Stars
I had many negative thoughts on this purchase after reading some users had not had good results,as I live in perth australia and nobody here had used them I could not listen to them in a hifi set up.I can now say it was one of my best buys it changed every thing for the better.More depth,more detail coming from the tweeter and mid range,the bass was tighter with control the stereo imaging was more detailed.I can now hear when a singer is seated or standing,and when there is a pause in the music it is so quite no back ground noise the music is so much more pleasing to listen to I forgot that I have been sitting for 4 or more hours.When I recived the ground controls I put them on my musical fidelity 750kw mono amps they changed so much that they faded away.The following week I put them on my new amps that I had bought and was waitting for them to be delivered listen first with out,sound I liked put the controls no dought so much better.I use the controls on bulder 70 valve mono amps now.

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