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A year in the making, the second effort from Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins and his Coattail Riders. Red Light Fever could be considered a labor of love - if the sheer joy exuded in every note, influence and nuance of every song didn't make the entire affair seem so effortless. Hawkins' increasingly accomplished vocals and world renowned drumming skills recall and pay tribute to Hawkins' vast spectrum of classic rock heroes - from the vintage '70s glam stomp of "Way Down," the hard rock rave up "Not Bad Luck," a nod to Beatlesque balladry in the form of "Hell To Pay" and many more. Virtually every track evokes memories of the respective heydays of the Chinn-Chapman hit factory, The Move, Sweet and even a little 10cc for good measure - all imbued with Hawkins' unmistakable musical personality.


1. Not Bad Luck
2. Your Shoes
3. Way Down
4. It's Over
5. Hell To Pay
6. Sunshine
7. Never Enough
8. Hole In My Shoe
9. James Gang
10. Don't Have to Speak
11. I Can See It Now
12. I Don't Think I Trust You Anymore

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