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Nat 'King' Cole - The Very Thought of You


Analogue Productions



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AAPP 1084-45
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45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 180 Gram

45 RPM    
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Nat "King" Cole and arranger Gordon Jenkins followed their hit album Love Is The Thing with The Very Thought Of You, foraging further into romantic and sensual bliss and creating the audio equivalent of a distillation of romantic ardor in a bottle. The sixteen ballads of The Very Thought Of You, each with their own euphoric tinge, include the title track "The Very Thought of You," "For All We Know," "Paradise," and "But Beautiful." Again orchestrated with the heavenly strings of the distinctive Gordon Jenkins, sympathetically backing the intimately expressive and supremely musical voice of the incomparable Nat "King" Cole, the result again stands among its era's finest, most stylistically defining recordings of popular music and continues to enchant listeners to this day.

Using the original 3-track session tapes from Capitol's vaults and all-analogue systems including custom headstacks, 3-track preview heads, console and monitoring chain installed at AcousTech specially for these releases, mastering engineers Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman realize the stunning wide-range potential and beauty of these recordings. Original releases contained 14 tracks, omitting two superb tracks recorded for the album, "Don't Blame Me" and "There Is No Greater Love," due to space constraints, but the full 16 tracks are included in this double 45-RPM 180-gram album set.

Originally released in 1958.

The Very Thought Of You
But Beautiful
I Wish I Knew
I Found A Million Dollar Baby
Magnificent Obsession
My Heart Tells Me
This Is All I Ask
Cherie, I Love You
Making Believe You’re Here
Cherchez La Femme
For All We Know
The More I See You

Bonus tracks:
Don’t Blame Me
There Is No Greater Love

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posted on 08/23/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Andrew
For the life of me I could not understand how I could justify spending $60 on an album. When I think back to all the records I donated after amassing a collection and then repeated with a collection of CD'sand then the crazy amount of money spent on DSD music, the idea of spending money on a record was maddening. This album has such a warm and fantastic mastering in the digital format. I decided if I would experiment with this kind of Vinyl it would at least be on an album I love and would listen to many times. Whatever process AS uses is without question astounding. I sat breathlessly and emotionally moved by the instrumentals and vocals. I have compared both digital and vinyl formats. I am stricken with how wonderful this record sounds and while I can't afford a full collection of this type one must always enjoy filet mignon on occasion among a diet of chicken and hamburger :)

Great Sound,

posted on 04/22/2013
4 Stars
Reviewer: Joe
One of my favorites, beautiful sound. But record jacket is of poor quality, flimsy and blurry cover art. Some say it's only the sound that matters but I think it's a shame they went cheap on the packaging.

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