Maurice Abravanel - Fiddle Faddle and 14 Other Leroy Anderson Favorites


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Maurice Abravanel conducts the Utah Symphony Orchestra perfoming Fiddle Faddle and 14 other Leroy Anderson selections.

Leroy Anderson is one of America's best known composers, even if not by name. He composed a wealth of light music that insinuated itself in the memory of millions of Americans. How many of you are old enough to remember The Late Show and The Syncopated Clock, The Typewriter, Jazz Pizzicato, Sleigh Ride, The Sandpaper Ballet, and others.

Wayne Green of CD Review said, "Leroy Anderson was one of America's great popular composers, so this release is most welcome. If you're not familiar with Anderson's music.. you've got a tremendous treat coming. If you do remember 'em, you're going to love this album. All these pieces will have you whistling their melodies."

1. Sleigh Ride
2. Blue Tango
3. Trumpeter's Lullaby
4. Belle Of The Ball
5. Bugler's Holiday
6. Forgotten Dreams
7. Syncopated Clock
8. Plink, Plank, Plunk
9. Fiddle Faddle
10. Sandpaper Ballet
11. The Typewriter
12. Sarabande
13. Songs Of The Bells
14. Jazz Pizzicato
15. Serenata

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Great Fiddle Faddle

posted on 08/01/2009
4 Stars
This LP will provide some great music and sonic delights

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