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To present the best of the Chinese national treasures, this collection features 10 of the best known operas, chosen from an archive of thousands. Of more than 300 opera forms, the 10 different pieces here are by far the most popular and each distinctly representative of a local culture. Featuring Peking, Kun, Yu, Yue and Chuan operas amongst others, the album brings one surprise after another, never allowing a moment of dullness. Oriental instruments varied in tonality and texture ring with vitality that so closely resembles the human voice, listeners will surely be amazed. Supported by an ensemble matching the power of Western philharmonics, the thinness and delicacy of Chinese opera is exchanged for a stronger, rounder and warmer sound.

Zhejiang Yue Opera. Dream Of The Red Mansion
Henan Opera. Mulan
Kunqu. Peony Pavilion
Canton Opera. Madame Butterfly
Huangmei Opera. The Cowherd And The Weaver Girl
Szechuan Opera. The Bramble Hairpin
Ping Opera. Flowers As The Keepsake
Hebei Opera. The Great Award
Shanghai Opera. Buddhist Arhat Coin
Pekin Opera Drunken Beauty&Miss SuSan Goes ToTrial

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