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"...these first five Acoustic Sounds Blue Note re-issues are pure bop genius...The best news is that Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman were keen enough to do nothing more than gently clean up the masters, bringing us even closer to the hard bop edge. The 45 rpm pressings that I received were all super quiet with every last drop of resolution from the master tapes. I had almost forgotten just how good Paul Chambers and Phil Joe were together as the backbone of these groups. I've always loved this music but I didn't remember it sounding this good! Hank Mobley offers us some brilliant sax bits on one of Kenny Dorham's finest recordings, Whistle Stop and Dexter Gordon's performance blew me away as well. The biggest surprise were the Lee Morgan records. I suggest turning these up loud, since they possess unlimited energy and some hooks that will knock you out. Amazing! Just a small warning: Once you start playing these Blue Note recordings you will be hooked. The good news is that Acoustic Sounds is working on at least 20 more of these jazz gems. So make sure your turntable has a setting for 45 rpm, clean your stylus occassionally, and get ready to be transported to nirvana." - Dan Babineau, Tone Audio, No. 14 2008, www.tonepublications.com

This album is unique within Lee Morgan's vast and rich Blue Note discography. With then current employer Art Blakey, band mate Bobby Timmons on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and Jackie McLean on alto saxophone, the trumpeter abandons time constraints and stretches out on four, soulful, hard-bop compositions (the first and the last are by Cal Massey). These hard bop masters are constantly inspired by Blakey's explosive grooves.

Recorded in 1960.

Art Blakey, drums
Paul Chambers, bass
Jackie McLean, sax (alto)
Lee Morgan, trumpet
Bobby Timmons, piano


1. These Are Soulful Days
2. The Lion and the Wolf
3. Midtown Blues
4. Nakatini Suite

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A "must-have" for a Jazz fan and audiophile lover

posted on 07/24/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael
Everybody knows, that a trumpet in Jazz not always is Miles Davis. However, I think not too many know Lee Morgan and this is the record to get to know him. This record shows his full talent and I'm sure, if you don't know him, you'll buy more records of him after hearing this. This may be also due to this 45rpm release. As with all the fantasy titles before - this simply is the best Jazz I ever heard!

Great performance with excellent sound

posted on 07/06/2008
5 Stars
In my opinion, this is one of the best sounding Blue Notes reissues released so far. The music and the musicians' performance are impressive.

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