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45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 200 Gram

45 RPM      

Analogue Productions' Blue Note and Nat "King" Cole Reissues WIN A Positive Feedback 2010 Brutus Award!
"...if you haven't picked up every one of the Blue Note and Nat King Cole reissues from Chad Kassem and company at Acoustic Sounds, you're really missing out!" - David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback, Issue 52

"...Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers (later known as Moanin') is among several terrific albums Blakey and Co. laid down for Blue Note...The recording is upfront and more distinctly left/right than usual. Sterophonic subtlety aside, this set has outstanding clarity, a fine feeling of breadth, rich tonality, and a visceral sense of life." - Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2009 "…Moanin' is the best-sounding title I've yet heard in AP's series of Blue Note 45s. The horns are 3D, the trapset is crisp, the bass sounds like wood, there's air everywhere, you're in the room. And it also happens to feature the best Jazz Messengers that Blakey ever assembled, including Lee Morgan on trumpet, Benny Golson on tenor sax, and Bobby Timmons on piano. If you want to hear what 'the Blue Note' sound sounded like, get this Moanin'. That goes for the corporate guys at modern-day Blue Note, too." – Fred Kaplan, Stereophile

"These are simply amazing pressings. I have no regrets whatsoever about signing up for this subscription. The folks I'd invited over last Saturday are by no means audiophiles, but they couldn't believe that they were listening to vinyl, or that recordings that were 40+ years old could sound so good. I'm working hard to turn them into vinyl converts. These discs are the icing on the cake!" – Tim Bingaman, Acoustic Sounds customer

"…As much as I'd love to relay all kinds of anecdotes about the challenges Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray encounter during the mastering sessions, I witness none. These boys know the sound of the facility and the Van Gelder masters like the backs of their hands…Back home a month later, I unpack some test pressings Chad Kassem has sent me…I hear the most realistic-sounding drums ever reproduced by my system. It's as though I'm sitting at the point of creation, experiencing the same high that brought such gifted musicians together as one. Steve Hoffman, Kevin Gray, Chad Kassem, and Don MacInnis have done Rudy Van Gelder and his Blue Note artists proud." – Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, April 2008

Art Blakey's most successful album gave us Bobby Timmons' "Moanin'" and Benny Golson's "Along Came Betty" and "Blues March," tunes so powerful that Blakey played them almost every night for the next 30 years. This beautifully performed and recorded session made the Jazz Messengers a jazz institution and put Golson, Timmons and Morgan to the forefront of jazz.

Originally released in 1958.

Art Blakey, drums
Benny Golson, sax (tenor)
Jymie Meritt, bass
Lee Morgan, trumpet
Bobby Timmons, piano


Are You Real
Along Came Betty
The Drum Thunder (Minature) Suite
Blues March
Come Rain or Come Shine

Customer Reviews (4.33 Stars) 6 person(s) rated this product.

This is probably the better sounding vinyl compared to the Music Matters SRX

posted on 03/05/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Kevin J
I own the MM SRX 33.3rpm and it does sound good, but something about the AP 45rpm seems to have slightly better dynamics and imaging. To be honest, it's really hard to tell but I keep going back to the 45rpm. Earlier review of the vinyl being warped, mine is so slightly warped to the point it's hardly noticeable. The record plays magnificently, so no complains. Just to let you know, the MM/SRX Art Blakey is a bit warped compare to the AP, but it doesn't effect the playback, so no complain. The MM sleeve or jacket is superior to the AP. But like I said, I just keep going back to the AP 45rpm. To me, it just sounds better.

Now that's drumming

posted on 08/19/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: LD100
I bought the 45 rpm set and they are flat as a pancake. No surface noise either. Very happy with selection.

Warped warped and warped...

posted on 04/21/2013
1 Stars
Don't buy the Analog Production version of this album. I received my first copy and it was warped. I sent it back (paying the return shipping myself per AS's return policy) to get another copy. Then, the second copy was badly warped as well. I then asked AS to examine the next copy they were going to send me and they couldn't find a non-warped copy so they gave up on trying to sell me a good copy. So in the end I'm out two shipping costs to return a defective product and have nothing to show for it.

Moanin' blue note 4003

posted on 12/05/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Daniel Simon- AUDIO ARCHIVES
What a wonderful job you guy's did mastering this historical recording. If all vinyl issues sounded like this, the digital market may have never achived the foothold on the consumer it now has.

Another winner

posted on 03/16/2009
5 Stars
Some surface noise, which seems more common on what I assume may be second runs of the title (hence backordered). Still a 5 out of 5.

What a GREAT Lp! 10 out of ten music a 9.8 for recording

posted on 06/14/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mark
When first introduced to Jazz a few years ago , Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers -Moanin' was the music that got me hooked....I have an original first issue in good to fair surface condition.

Great music! and the recording is stunning good! I can hardly wait for this NEW 45 rpm reissue!

Keep up the good work Chad......

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