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Folk Rock

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2LP / 180gr / 2007 US pressing / sealed

Limited to 1,000 Copies

A deluxe edition of Son Volt's The Search release. On Chant and Strum features all 22 tracks from The Search's studio sessions, spread over two LPs. This LP release is strictly limited to just 1,000 copies!

1. The Search
2. Carnival Blues
3. Methamphetamine
4. Bleed the Line
5. L Train
6. Phosphate Skin
7. The Picture
8. Beacon Soul
9. Underground Dream
10. Exurbia
11. Adrenaline and Heresy
12. Action
13. Circadian Rhythm
14. Bicycle Hotel
15. Houdini Punches
16. Acetone Angels
17. Satellite
18. Automatic Society
19. Waking World
20. Highways and Cigarettes
21. Coltrane Free
22. Slow Hearse

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

Truly a great album

posted on 02/21/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Danny Hughes
Its so nice to be able to call something an album anymore, and not in the sense of vinyl, but as a complete work. One listen from cover to cover, and you understand. Son Volt hits in all cylinders with their rock/country/folk songs that at times make you want sit in a chair and cry (Methanphatmine), and the next moment you wanna jump in the car and blair the radio while you sing along with songs like "Beacon soul". truly amazing, and beautiful music. Well done boys!


posted on 12/16/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: Schieffler
Why Son Volt left the extra tracks off "The Search" is beyond me. "On Chant and Strum" is what "The Search" should have been. The ordering of the songs on this double LP gives this "version" of the album a totally different and superior feel. An EXCELLENT record that any Son Volt fan should add to his/her collection.


posted on 08/23/2007
5 Stars
Jay Farrar is an extremely talented, underrated artist. This album is the deluxe version of The Search, and it's better than the original version because the extra songs are some of Farrar's strongest (Exurbia, Bicycle Hotel, Coltrane Free). And the packaging is nice; 2 180g LPs in a gatefold sleeve. Very good!

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