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Rickie Lee Jones - Rickie Lee Jones


Warner Bros.



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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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Easily one of the most impressive debuts by a singer/songwriter ever. This one features a very strong collection, highlighted by the hit "Chuck E's in Love."

"Grounded in jazz, copping its wit from jump blues, the music Ms. Jones made transformed the American musical canon into her private theater and hiding place." – The New York Times

"Rickie Lee Jones is, arguably, the greatest song stylist of her generation." – Interview Magazine

Mastered from the original analog tapes.

1. Chuck E.'s in Love
2. On Saturday Afternoons in 1963
3. Night Train
4. Young Blood
5. Easy Money
6. Last Chance Texaco
7. Danny's All-Star Joint
8. Coolsville
9. Weasel and the White Boys Cool
10. Company
11. After Hours (Twelve Bars Past Goodnight)

Customer Reviews (4.75 Stars) 12 person(s) rated this product.

Nicely done pressing

posted on 05/21/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Pete C
This 2008 issue of Rickie Lee Jones first and best album is beautifully done. Detailed, warm, and with great presence and musicality. I have not heard the new MFS issue, but I can't imagine it could beat the effort of the always great team of Acoustech/RTI.

Great music, great recording, great pressing

posted on 11/21/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Drew K
I was kind of surprised at Fretless' review of this album, in that I find this version to be smoother and richer that some other versions, while also eliminating the "horn" effect in Rickie's vocals. On "Last Chance Texaco," she reaches for one note in the second chorus that usually makes me wince with anticipation of that 'sung through a horn" sound. On this version however, her vocals come through crisp, but clear and natural. This version is tonally neutral, not boosted in any particular way. The vinyl is very quiet. In all of these respects, I would rate this as an "audiophile" recording and pressing.

Muscially, of course, this is a classic. I'm not sure that Rickie Lee Jones ever matched this work. She almost seems to work backwards, as I think Pirates, her sophomore album, is arguably also her second best album after this one, It is also sonically excellent.

I wouldn't pass this version up, especially if you don't already have a clean original copy.

System Listeners vs True Audiophiles

posted on 03/13/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: PhillySound
Fretless, You make a good point regarding System Listeners who think that they're Audiopiles versus Audiophiles that are Music Lovers that enjoy what Great Gear does which is bringing us closer to the real sound of vocals 1st then all else after . A Great Audio is built or should always be built around the Voice.

Last Chance! Don't miss out!

posted on 03/24/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Scott Wilson
This is the one! I have several 'common' originals, the German "heavy vinyl" of a few years back, and a pristine Japanese pressing and in my opinion, this one excels in every way. There are many excellent original pressings, the German lacked finesse, the Japanese is quite good, but this latest drew me in again, deeper and rich with detail and I disagree with the last reviewer - it's got the emotional content intact. I felt like it was a private moment between the artist and listener. By the end, you feel like laughing/crying in awe of her talent and this record. Don't be a fool and miss this. This might be your Last Chance Texaco :-)

Great Recording

posted on 01/14/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: David
RLJ fans this is the one for you. For those yet introduced to this artist, I would advise this recording as the standard. This recording reveals the talent of RLJ and the craft of a painstaking production. While listening, at one point I literally saw Ricky toss her head back behind the mike. Now that's what I call imaging. I chose this recording because of my fondness for her work. What was waiting for me was much more. The quality of composition and craft I did not fully appreciate until I played this audiophile production. I recommend this record without reservation.

Superb record

posted on 06/04/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: mario
Excelent record, stonishly well produced. Sound terrific!

I Love It!

posted on 04/03/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Steve
I play this every time I listen to my stereo system. It just sounds that good. I'm afraid of wearing it out. May have to buy another copy. This was my first introduction to AcousTech Mastering and I have been impressed with their work since.

I like it

posted on 12/19/2008
4 Stars
Reviewer: Ross Peterson
I dont have the original to compare it with so I cant comment on the previous review. However, I find this to be a great record which sounds fine.

It sounds "in the groove" to me.

Hifi? Perhaps. Musical Groove? Nah.

posted on 07/17/2008
3 Stars
Reviewer: Fretless
This reissue is certainly is more detailed than the '79 Warner Bros. original. I can hear subtle stringed, percussive, and vocal details that I'd never noticed before, though RLJ's voice sounds a bit shouty and uncharacteristically nasal, almost as if it's coming from a poor horn setup.

Unfortunately, I find the music strangely lackluster and mechanical sounding. That wonderful sense of musical groove and drive that make the original so compelling - the feeling that all the musicians are deep in the pocket together - has become stilted and aloof.

While this reissue might be a step in the right direction for audiophiles, music lovers looking for the emotionally emphatic vocal work and sheer boogie factor of the cheap and common original will probably be disappointed.

When a reissue fails to capture the music's fundamental rhythm, energy and flow (all too common, IME) improvements in detail retrieval and "soundstaging" are reduced to superfluous sound effects.

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