Stirling Broadcast - Cicable Crossovers for V2 LS3/5a/ Pair

Stirling Broadcast



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The crossovers are designed as external units, so that they are not influenced by the loudspeaker cabinet vibrations and the magnetic field of the drive units. Special over-dimensioned components will reduce the amount of distortion by more than 50 db, so that distortion mainly depends on the amplifier and not on the loudspeaker crossover design.

Cicable uses specially wound autotransformers to achieve lossfree level matching of the tweeters. A positive side effect is a smoother impedance curve which is good for critical amps, especially valve amps. Special compensation networks smooth the impedance curve in the area of tweeter resonance even more.

- clean sound
- silky top performance
- more natural
- improved stereo image
- less fatiguing and artificial
- unique blend of analytical and musical sound reproduction
- extremely distortion-free
- improved amplifier matching (i.e. valve amps)
- individually matched

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